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What do you do when your team never holds top?

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Tale Feather

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I've got to agree to slowfiveoh's overall strategy, though he presents it in a rather odd case.

He talks about controlling territory, but this only works when it is within your capacity to do so. Playing aggressively only currently works in the currently separated meta. Again, a team of 4 pushing a turret, or even a strong late-game team can get dominated if they pool their resources too condensed in that game. (this can be countered by having the appropriate CC to spam, but you must be very effective with your CC cool-downs or you will get bested out by intelligent carry use.)

The OP was in error to play an AD class defensively. A tanky defender would have done way to stay NEAR (not necessarily on) the point to prevent back-capping troubles (Aggressive play is very vulnerable to rebounds, especially if their team's death gets staggered, which is the optimum counter.)

But what gets me is, slowfiveoh, is why was the fifth member required to win? With intelligent pressure play, having the AD on top was irrelevant as it's still a body preventing point capture. At that point you could have adjusted your strategy to include the aspect of him being there, using pressure and run tactics to keep the enemy on the defensive and hold 3 maybe even 4 points consistently for a win. I find it just as irresponsible to place blame on the OP for the loss as much as the OP for not playing the strategy for the champion he picked and the team he was playing with. Point being: He should have trusted you, but that doesn't lay the blame solely on him.

If I get time free (just got a second job.) I'm game to see how you guys play first hand, if you don't mind a Kayle on board. (Pusher/on-hit type usually.) I'd trust actual experience rather than a replay.

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Tale Feather:

But what gets me is, slowfiveoh, is why was the fifth member required to win? With intelligent pressure play, having the AD on top was irrelevant as it's still a body preventing point capture.

Thanks for your response, and I will send an invite to have you on board. So long as you play aggro, you are welcome to play with me/us anytime.

To answer your question simply, I can explain it like this.

In Dominion, numbers can be a serious factor. This is almost entirely dependent however on team comp. In that particular game (With FrozenXylaphone), we had a bit of AD, but were mostly AP with Noc being our hard AD carry. The other team was very beefy.

Also, late game, turrets are a joke. If you find yourself in a 4v5 you are likely to lose because of the lack of any meaningful damage out of the turrets.

Just as you allude to his defendability of a point (Say if he was Garen, Shen, Blitz etc.) being a possibility were he tanky, so too was the presence of our primary AD critical in point defense or capture to lay down damage. Then again, the tanky damage mitigation is also an enormous asset in point defense or capture too. It does in fact play a serious offensive role.

When it all comes down to it, you cant simply sit and squat on a point. "Cap 3, defend 3" does not work. It doesn't. In any way.

The outcome of a round is determined primarily between the two opposing points. Meaning if you possess three, you want to contain and control them in the area between their points and the points you control.

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it is infuriating to see some mindless mouth frothing ****** farm minions bot

Are you drinking drain-o?

Now here is the part I point out the enormous, gaping distance between my understanding of the game, and your understanding of the game.

Dude, I have over 9 times your normal wins, and potentially more than that already on Dominion. I have been playing for over 2 years, and am offering this advice out of pure kindness and generosity. Take it, or get caught up in the scrubby nubtastic point of view you are beginning to express.

I had considered actually responding to you, but on a whim I searched your name and found this:
(what I have quoted starts page 3 in that thread)
What stands out is not that you are raging the whole thread at random strangers, but the little picture you attached which I will now attach.
You told me after our game that you had only 300 games played and at the time you were about 223 wins. This means you would have only about 70 losses which was your point trying to say you are good. But in your screenshot, you have double those losses at 150 wins. In other words, you lied and I cannot trust you, because you will not only rage at people but lie to them to temporarily increase your made up e-peen. This means it is pointless to debate you because your so called "experience" is un-trustable.
Btw, your 7 minute win is not impressive, I have had similar experiences multiple times as well as similar experiences where my team capped all 5 points and kept the enemy from even leaving their base, even without a leaver. I am assuming it happens to everyone, nature of the game kind of thing.

I would hope to never see you in a game again as you don't even understand half the strategy you post about plus you rage and apparently will make things up to top it all off. Nevertheles, I hope the best for you and that you can learn to control your attitude before you get banned or permanently banned.

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I roll with graves and defend it myself