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AP/CDR Nasus - The Intergalactic Dog of Mystery

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I tried spellvamp and it's just so weak on Nasus. Even with a pure AP build, it heals for nothing because of the AOE reduction and long cooldown on spirit fire. Better to just rush a FoN for sustain, then triforce for the AD boost (lifesteal).

I think the only time I'd consider WotA is if I really really didn't need MR (so no FoN).

The thing is you don't need to kill the opponent to win the lane, Even with the the aoe reduction and 20% healing reduct, the item's always been useful, which includes the extreme low cost you actually spend to get the spell vamp from the item. 360 for 20% spell vamp is extremely cheap, and the actual amount of health you need when pressured should be supplemented with the health packs.

As for MR, my personal choice is Odyn's veil, which doesn't get double dinged versus your FoN. Odyn's gives 350 health, 10% Flat Magic reduct and 47.5MR where FoN gives .28% regen/sec, 32 hp/5 (6.4 hp/1), and 72.2 MR. The difference in raw health vs regeneration will come into play if a pressure attack lasts I'd say over half a minute, not counting relics which are to the advantage of Odyn's.

Your thoughts on build are once again, stating that you need to actually farm Q and get in melee to whack the enemy champ as hard as you can to have victory over the lane. That kind of thought will put you vulnerable to both pressing champions(heimer/yorick/cass) as well as the higher ganking champions (talon/graves, and any of the odd ad champs i've seen down there) Your build also takes a lot longer to get the pieces, due to the additional 1800 in finishing Triforce, having any 2 pieces and FoN versus mine which could have both those items.

After checking your summoner profile, I can see a reason that my build design isn't working for you. You are missing the rune/mastery CDR that would be needed. 12 second, or even 9.6 second Spirit fires are not fast enough, and would also explain why you think that it doesn't regen enough in comparison to what I think. You need to be able to max cdr through runes/masteries and 1 item at level 18. Early on you don't get pressured that hard, but as it goes on, without the ability to toss spirit fire faster and faster, you will be pushed around by most bottom lane champions.

Magma Armor0, I have considered Lich bane before, my problem with it in comparison to my build is opportunity cost. To make good use of it, I'd most likely need to either drop garrison or promote for a mobility summoner spell, have a ranged item slow (Rylai's)so you can drop the wither on the opponent to be able to engage.

The opportunity cost exists in the fact that it is a 3k item. The difference in 1k gold is fairly painful in the fight for bottom, and as you have read, my average items exist around the 2k range. For the same costs as lich bane, you could get Odyn's+chain, Thornmail+Giant's belt, Rylais, abyssal+ruby, the choices are fairly hard to do. Honestly, Lichbane is a Winmore item. If you are getting this item, you pretty much are saying to the opponent, you haven't been able to do anything to me, and I'm just going to buy this to do even more damage. You don't have any way to really damage me, and if you get in range to try, I'm going to club your head off. Where if you weren't winning that badly, you wouldn't consider that as a viable item to use.