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What happens next?

[NMR] Rally behind Morello. He will return to lead us against both the IsC and Zileas! 20 32.79%
[NMR] Morello is defeated. Join with Zileas and his new allies to destroy the Brotherhood! 5 8.2%
[IsC] Zileas must be destroyed! Attack the Black Keep! Morello can wait. 18 29.51%
[IsC] Morello is our first priority. We find him, then we decide how to deal with Zileas. 19 31.15%
[Brotherhood] Zileas is planning to destroy us. We must strike first! Leave the IsC behind! 4 6.56%
[Brotherhood] We must maintain our alliance with the IsC. We do whatever they ask of us. 20 32.79%
[The Knights Who Drink Tea] Drink Tea! (Tea! Tea! Tea!) 24 39.34%
[Xyphuminati] Remove regular sunglasses. Put on battle sunglasses. It's time for war! 19 31.15%
[Anti-Fun Agenda] This assault will not go unpunished... Rally the troops! We march at dawn! 100000012 100%
[Anti-Fun Agenda] We must gather together the combined forces of our alliances. We wait for now... 9 14.75%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 61 .

[Community Event] The Riot War - Chapter 6 - Turning the Tides

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After recent events that have taken place in the General Discussion, it would seem that the tempo of this war is changing a bit. The IsC is tired of letting Morello take all the actions. I think everyone should start sharpening their weapons. It would seem that things are about to get messy!

The Riot War – Chapter 6 – Turning the Tides

Clad in black and crouching low in the shadows, his breath curled out before him, shimmering silver through scattered beams of moonlight. Holding his mana rifle tight to his chest, Ohmikegoodness, squad leader of the IsC’s Ravenous Flock Troopers – specialists highly skilled in the arts of infiltration and extraction – pressed his back against the cold iron wall of the Black Keep’s outermost battlement. To his left were three of his fellow RFT, similarly geared as their leader. And to his right was a small 5 unit squad of the Brotherhood’s elite Bear Ops soldiers outfitted with BaronVonWalrus’ finest stealth-tech armor and Perception Enhancing Nightvision and Infrared Scopes.

As several NMR guards patrolled the top of the walls, Ohmikegoodness made several silent hand signals, directing his troops to various strategic points along the battlement. First, he sent the Bear Ops soldiers to the northernmost guard-tower where they would wait for his signal before breaching the door and entering. Then he signaled for his RFT to remain where they were currently. Without a word one of them mounted his rifle atop the wall, another moved into position to act as a spotter for the first, and the third readied his equipment to guard the sniper team. Once his men were in position, Ohmikegoodess gave the signal to hold, then he swung his rifle over his shoulder and strapped it to his back before hopping over the outer wall of the battlement. He gripped the edge of the wall and quietly shuffled along its length until he was in position behind the first of the NMR guards. Once there, he reached down and produced a short length of rope from his hip which he then proceeded to attach to his belt. Then, clutching the edge of the battlement with one hand, he reached up and fastened a hook attached to the other end of the rope to the wall. This allowed him to plant his feet against the wall and lean back. Once he was in position, he pressed a button on his wristband. This sent a signal that activated a dull green light on similar devices possessed by the rest of his men. Then he raised his arms up before him, palms toward the sky and waited.

Across the courtyard, the sniper team received the signal. The spotter scanned the walls, analyzing the guards’ patrols, and the moment all of the guards had their backs turned to their target, he gave a silent signal to the shooter. Without hesitation, the shooter drew in a deep breath then let it out slowly. One heartbeat. Two heartbeats. Then, between the second and the third, he squeezed the trigger. A quick flash of blue light leapt forth from the barrel of his rifle and crossed the courtyard in an instant. The superheated beam of condensed mana struck the NMR guard squarely in the head. The man fell over the edge of the battlement without making a sound… right into the waiting arms of Ohmikegoodness who caught the body to keep it from noisily falling into the moat below. Ohmikegoodness then proceeded to repel down to the base of the wall where he quickly and quietly slipped the body into the water. Then he climbed back up and moved into position behind the next guard. He and his sniper team continued this tedious process until each of the ten wall-guards had been eliminated.

Once the walls were clear, Ohmikegoodness climbed back onto the battlement and signaled for the RFT to move to him near the southernmost guard-tower. As his troops moved into position, Ohmikegoodness scanned the courtyard below. It was empty. There were no additional guards stationed below, no warriors waiting for orders, no one. Something was happening in the Black Keep, he decided. Whether or not it would prove to be helpful or a hindrance was still yet to be seen. Regardless, he would stick to his plan. He had been given a mission. The orders had come directly from King IronStylus. The king had been adamant that the IsC would no longer sit idly by while the dark lord, Morello dictated the course of this war. The IsC was no longer going to be a reactionary force. Ohmikegoodness had no intention of letting his king down.

With that in mind, he signaled for the RFT set up for a breach. A moment later, he pressed another button on his wristband, this one activating a yellow light. In unison, both the RFT and Bear Ops teams breached into their respective guard towers. Mana rifles – and claws – readied, the teams swept the rooms.

“Clear,” whispered one of the RFT.

“Clear here too,” came the gruff voice of the Bear Ops lead over their communicators.

“Where are all the guards?” asked the RFT second in command.

Ohmikegoodness shook his head.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“You think it’s a trap?” asked the Bear Ops lead.

“No,” Ohmikegoodness replied after a brief moment of contemplation. “They would have attacked us by now if it was a trap. Something is going on here.”

“Orders, sir?” asked an RFT.

“Orders are the same,” Ohmikegoodness replied. “We secure the package and get out.”

“What about Leona?” asked another Bear Ops soldier.

“IronStylus was very specific with his orders. Leona is not the objective,” Ohmikegoodness answered. “There is no doubt that she will be under heavy guard. Trying to extract her with a force this small would be suicide. We stick to the mission, we survive, and we come back from Leona when the time is right.”

“Yes sir,” came the reply from all of Ohmikegoodness’ men.

“Bear Team, proceed to the waypoint. See if you can gain entry to the keep proper,” Ohmikegoodness ordered.

Several minutes passed as the Bear Ops soldiers descended the spiraling stairs leading to the ground floor of the guard tower, again without encountering any NMR.

“Door’s sealed, sir,” came the voice of the Bear Ops lead over the com a moment later.

“Can you get it open?” Ohmikegoodness asked.

“Actually,” came the reply. “Yes, it looks like it’s sealed from this side. It seems they’re trying to keep something in, not out. Opening it now.”

Several minutes passed, and the Bear Ops soldiers were still silent.

“Bear Team, report,” Ohmikegoodness ordered.

Static was the only reply.

“Repeat, Bear Team, report in,” he ordered again. “Andersworth! Cryypter?”

Still static. Then, after another few moments, the Bear Ops lead’s voice crackled through the static, whispered much more quietly than before. Ohmikegoodness could hear shrieks of agony in the background.

“It’s… a massacre, sir,” he reported.

“What? What do you see?” Ohmikegoodness asked, concern tightening his face.

“I’m not sure, sir,” the Bear Ops lead replied. “They’re… they’re killing, slaughtering their own men.”

“Are you sure, soldier?”

“Yes sir. It looks like Zileas’ minions have turned on the NMR soldiers,” the Bear Ops lead replied. “Wait. Wait, hold on. I think… I think we’ve been spotted. They’re coming this way. Spread out, bears!”


“Go go go!”


“Bear down, bear down!”


“Fall back! Head for the tower!”


“Ohmikegoodness, we need back up! Move to— no. No! NOOOO! Hel—”

Then the com fell silent. The RFT stood stunned, waiting for their leader to respond.

“Orders, sir?”

Ohmikegoodness shook himself from his shock.

“Lock and load, boys. Suppressors off, weapons hot. We’re goin’ in,” he said, his face a mask of determination. “Head down the tower. Blow the door.”

The RFT team followed Ohmikegoodness’ lead down the spiral stairs, then moved to flank the entrance to the keep. The RFT demolitions expert produced a directional breaching charge from his pack and placed it on the door.

“What’s the plan once we’re in, sir?” asked the RFT second in command.

“We proceed straight to the package and secure it. Neutralize any targets that get in the way. Move fast,” Ohmikegoodness replied.

“Permission to speak freely, sir?”

“Make it quick.”

“That’s suicide, sir. The Bear Ops are the Brotherhood’s most elite troopers. If they didn’t make it, what makes you think we will?” asked the second in command.

“We do as our king orders,” Ohmikegoodness replied, lifting his rifle. “You took an oath swearing that you were willing to die in his service. Changed your mind? Because I could execute you for treason right here if that’s the case.”

“N—no sir.”

“Good,” Ohmikegoodness grunted. “Get into position. Blow the door on my mark.”

On his signal, the demo expert detonated the breaching charge. The powerful directional blast instantly killed a handful of Zileas’ soldiers that were guarding the door. With expertly trained precision, the RFT team poured into the keep, mana rifles discharging rapidly, dropping even more of the Anti-Fun Agenda’s minions. Though their entry was far from stealthy, it had gone, for the most part, unnoticed by anyone aside from the guards in the immediate area. The noise and chaos from the ensuing massacre of Morello’s forces proved to be an excellent distraction. Taking full advantage of this, the RFT team sprinted through the frigid halls along a memorized route that led them directly to the holding area of their target. As they approached, the already chilled air grew even colder.

“Here,” Ohmikegoodness whispered as he stopped just before turning down the final hall. He peered around the corner. Three of Zileas’ soldiers were standing guard at the door leading to their target. Ohmikegoodness let out a sharp whistle then ducked back around the corner. “Three.”

His men nodded.

The clicking of boots grew louder as Zileas’ soldiers approached. Ohmikegoodness pulled out his combat knife, then held up his hand, showing three fingers which he used to count down – three, two, one…

At zero, the Anti-Fun Agenda soldiers rounded the corner, weapons brandished. The first was knocked to the ground by a leg-sweep from Ohmikegoodness then caught a knife in the gut. The second was shot once in the head and once in the heart by two separate RFT. And the third found a mana rifle barrel shoved into his mouth by the remaining RFT.

“Key,” Ohmikegoodness demanded.

The soldier reached into his pocket, pulled out a key-ring, and handed it to Ohmikegoodness. Then, with a nod from their leader, the RFT neutralized the man.

The team rushed down the dark hall and moved to flank the towering iron door. Ohmikegoodness flipped through the key-ring, trying key after key until the lock finally turned. At once, the team pulled open the door and sprinted inside, rifles raised, ready to take down the target if it resisted too hard. There before them, in all her icy glory, was the massive cryophoenix of legend, Anivia, chained to her perch.

“She’s… a prisoner,” said the RFT second in command. “She isn’t Morello’s ally at all.”

“I am no prisoner,” the bird said. “I follow the master’s will.”

“By choice?” Ohmikegoodness asked. “Or out of fear?”

Anivia did not reply. Her expression was all the answer Ohmikegoodness needed.

“We’re with the IsC. We’re here to get you out. Morello is away sieging Nikapolis.”

The RFT moved to free Anivia from her bindings. Once the shackles were off, they signaled for her to follow. Anivia, reluctant at first, complied.

“Sir,” the second in command said just before they left the room.

Ohmikegoodness turned to acknowledge the man.

“She’s too big for the door we came in through. What’s the plan?” the second in command asked.

Ohmikegoodness thought for a moment. They had not planned for the cryophoenix’s immense size.

“Can you fight?” he asked, turning to Anivia.

The bird nodded. Ohmikegoodness turned back to his second in command.

“I guess we’ll use the front door,” he said, a devious grin spreading across his face.

With that, the team moved out, dashing through the black-iron halls in a defensive formation around Anivia, Ohmikegoodness taking point. As they moved, the occasional fleeing NMR soldier or murderous Anti-Fun Agenda minion would cross their path and they would take them out with surgical precision.

“Hold,” Ohmikegoodness said as the team approached a balcony that overlooked the Black Keep’s audience hall.

“What is it, sir?” asked one of the RFT.

“Xypherous… Maxtion Hero… Kitae… Hohums… and… Zileas,” Ohmikegoodness replied. “They’re all here.”

“An alliance?” asked the second in command.

“It would seem so. But why?” Ohmikegoodness asked.

Ohmikegoodness lifted his rifle, placing the scope against his eye. The crosshairs settled upon Zileas’ forehead.

“I’m taking the shot,” Ohmikegoodness declared.

“What about IronStylus’ orders, sir?”

“We have the package,” Ohmikegoodness replied, looking up from his scope to turn his gaze upon the soldier. “This is an opportunity that we will not get again.”

The second in command nodded. Ohmikegoodness put his eye back into the scope. But when he did, he came to realize that Zileas was no looking directly back at him… with a chilling trollface smile. The Troll Wizard’s hand began to glow as a ball of flame appeared in his palm. Ohmikegoodness’ eyes went wide.

“Take cover!” he shouted, and his team hit the floor as a massive fireball exploded against the wall behind them. “Anyone hurt?”

All of the RFT and Anivia replied that they were fine.

“Get to the door, now!” Ohmikegoodness shouted. “Guns hot!”

The team jumped to their feet and began sprinting through the corridors headed toward the front door. The halls of the Black Keep flashed blue over and over as their mana rifles fired in rapid succession, laying countless Anti-Fun Agenda soldiers low. Anivia flapped her mighty wings and jagged spears of ice whipped through the air, ripping into the guards. They progressed through the halls as quickly as they could, holding back the advancing Anti-Fun Agenda forces that were chasing them.

“Mana crystal!” Ohmikegoodness cried as he ejected the depleted one from his rifle. One of his men pulled one from their belt and tossed it up. Ohmikegoodness jumped, turned, snatched it out of the air, loaded it, cocked his rifle, and fired a shot mid-dive that ripped past the shoulder of one of his men, killing the guard that was hidden behind him.

“Thank you, sir.”


Finally, they reached the main foyer and dispatched the guards stationed there. As they moved to the front door, a voice from the shadows drew their attention.

“Leaving so soon?” the voice asked, and a shady figure appeared before them, a man named Eclipse Apostle.

“Take him down!” Ohmikegoodness roared and the RFT opened fire, but their projectiles fell short, striking a barrier of pure anti-fun that the man had conjured up before him.

“Is that all?” Eclipse laughed, lifting his hand to cast a powerful, destructive anti-fun spell.

“How about this?” came a voice from behind Eclipse. It was Andersworth and Cryypter, two surviving members of the Bear Ops team. Without hesitation they leapt upon Eclipse. But before they could do any real damage, he muttered a spell and the two bears were blasted off of him. They flew twenty feet or more and hit the ground hard right next to Ohmikegoodness.

“Good to have you back,” Ohmikegoodness said. “Where are the others?”

“Didn’t make it, sir,” Andersworth groaned, stumbling to his feet.

“Sorry to hear that,” Ohmikegoodness replied. “Men, get the door open. We’ll hold this wizard off!”

Two of the RFT members moved to the heavy door to the Black Keep and began preparing the breaching charges. The remaining members, the Bear Ops troops, and Anivia put down cover fire. Eclipse strained his abilities, pushing them to their limits in an attempt to maintain the barrier. And it held. He began to press forward toward the intruders.

“Blow the door, now!” Ohmikegoodness shouted.

As if on cue, the explosion resounded, blasting a large hole in the massive door. The infiltration teams and Anivia rushed to escape. But just before Anivia left, she turned, and with a mighty flap of her wings, she conjured a wall of solid ice to block Eclipse’s path. A stream of curses could be heard echoing from the other side of the wall.

The team ran as fast as they could, and they kept running until they were a safe distance from the keep, shrouded by the whipping snow and the wilderness. There, they called for extraction. While the second in command was on the com with the extraction vehicle, Ohmikegoodness pulled out his personal communicator.

“Valkyrie Lead, come in,” he said.

“This is Valkyrie Lead. Go ahead Ravenous Flock,” came the crackling, static response.

“Mission successful, sir. We have the package. We’re headed home,” Ohmikegoodness said. “Also, we I arrive, we need to arrange a meeting with King IronStylus. Zileas has gathered powerful allies to his side.”

“Understood. Valkyrie Lead out.”

No one said a single word on the trip home – a silent mourning for their fallen brothers.

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[[Nice! Though it doesn't change the fact that everyone wants me dead.]]

[[Edit: saving this for my posts. In reality, they are for ME, in case I need to change an older post and I can't find it; like chapters in a book. Cue the irony]]

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[[Nice! Though it doesn't change the fact that everyone wants me dead.]]

That! ... is your problem... lol. Good luck!

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well done, loved it!

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[[Nearly forgot to ask! What if any of us needs/want to have an RP moment with Ohmikegoodness and Anivia....?]]

[[Another one! No "LoN" choices?....Actually, that is a good thing. I didn't like the idea of hunting Morello by ourselfs since it didn't sound like a good idea. Then again.....good opportunity to get away from everyone and have a chance to RP for myself. Ahhhh....those were the posts......Where was I? Oh yes. As soon as Irongrinder and BaronVonWalrus have their "fight", then LoN is going out to do better things.....I hear Morello's head is worth a lot.....It could pay for a new N00bTanic........]]

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[[Nearly forgot to ask! What if any of us needs/want to have an RP moment with Ohmikegoodness and Anivia....?]]

It can be godmoded ONLY if the RP isn't story changing. This means, you are literally just talking to them for the sake of conversation. If you intend to add anything to the story through them, you'll need to talk to me in-game and get it approved before hand.

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{Ohmikegoodness needs an achievement for being such a BAMF.}

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Valkyrie Lead

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[[toasting in epic bread.

edit: Well... i'll have to change my post from before.

Blah. gonna have to retconn my post from before. darn. anyways i can work it back in. Saga if you get the chance i have a few questions about how to fix my post and a few detail i need to know.]]

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{Ohmikegoodness needs an achievement for being such a BAMF.}

Ohmikegoodness - Achievement Unlocked: Does Not Afraid of Anything: Be a BAMF!

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((Great post. Things are gonna get spicy. Still on the albion BTW, waiting for Valk & Soup.))