[Song Contest Entry] Omielle, the Cinder-Hearted

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More information on the Song-Inspired Skills Contest and the other champions competing in this round can be found here.

This champion is brought to you by Eurovision 2013:
Songs included -
Kedvesem ("My Darling") — ByeAlex
Hold Me — Farid Mammadov
It's My Life — Cézar
Only Teardrops — Emelie de Forrest
Contigo hasta el final ("With You to the End") — El Sueño de Morfeo

Though not one of my songs for the competition, much of her concept is inspired by another song from the playlist - O mie ("One Thousand"), by Aliona Moon.

Omielle, the Cinder-Hearted

The scars of industry tear gashes through the landscape of Odyn Valley. Monuments to the progress and greed of man, these great cavities are of no concern to the Noxians and Demacians who reap their spoils hundreds of miles away. But to the people of Kalamanda, they are a daily source of danger and anguish. It is within one of these eyesores that the tragic tale of Alion and Omielle unfolds.

A miner by trade, Alion lived a humble life. Working his menial job, making far too little, returning home far too tired. His only consolation the beautiful woman who made it all worthwhile: his fair Omielle. The two shared the worst of their nation's occupation together, making promises they never thought they would live to see fulfilled.

One evening, as Omielle waited to see her love once more, he did not appear. Concerned that he had been lost in the mines, she asked around for him, but no one knew anymore of his whereabouts than she did. Lost and worried, she did what she saw as her only choice: she plunged into the cracks, braving the noxious gases and hot temperatures that were daily life for the men of Kalamanda. She was met not by her love Alion, but by a rockslide which sealed her below the surface.

The passage of time slowed to a crawl, but it never stopped. Burned, beaten, sustained by only the most meager of foods, she refused to give up the search. One day became ten, then one hundred. As the thought crossed her mind that one thousand days had past since she started her search, her heart and mind snapped. One thousand days of fire, of loss, of poisoned air. But most of all, one thousand days her love never came back to her. On that one thousandth day, she was finally rescued, not by Alion, but by the Institute of War.

Imbued with magic by her long and strange underground odyssey, she knows there is no longer any place for her in this world, outside of the League. Some days she spends pining over Alion, others she spends cursing him, and others still she seems to seek new men to heal the hole in her heart. The only thing she knows for certain is that freedom was lost to her the night she entered that ravine, and that she can never reclaim.

"That thing? Hasn't it been here for, what, 10,019 days? Eh, who's counting?"

Appearance: A beautiful woman with orange-red hair, her pale flesh marred with burns, who wears a long, dark-coloured gown that goes past her feet and trails behind her on the ground. She rakes the enemy with claws formed from her overgrown nails. On a critical hit, she clasps her hands on her heart and fire surges from her body to strike the enemy. She is initially quite short, scarcely over 5 feet, but every time she levels her ultimate, her legs lengthen by a foot and a half, quickly making her freakishly tall and with a disproportionately long bottom half. Despite this growth, her gown grows with her, still scraping the ground even as she towers above it.

Melee, Support, Tank

Base Stats:
Health: 418 (+86/level)
Health Regen: 5 (+.55/level)
Mana: 260 (+56/level)
Mana Regen: 4.1 (+0.4/level)
Attack Damage: 50 (+3.3/level)
Attack Speed: 0.644 (+2.6%/level)
Armor: 15 (+4/level)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+0/level)
Range: 125
Movement Speed: 330

Name:  OmielleIs.png
Views: 59
Size:  7.8 KBInnate: Only Teardrops

  • (Passive) Omielle grants an aura to all teammates within 900 Range, providing 1/2/3/4 bonus Mana Regen per 5 for every male champion, ally or enemy, within 2000 Range of her. Bonus increases at levels 6, 11, 16.
Name:  OmielleQs.png
Views: 68
Size:  7.4 KBQ: My Darling
  • (Active) Omielle blows a shimmering kiss to a male target, dealing magic damage and blinding them for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds, or spits ashes at a non-male target, dealing magic damage and silencing them for the same duration.
    Magic Damage: 60/105/150/195/240 (+60% AP)
    Range: 700
    Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
Name:  OmielleWs.png
Views: 61
Size:  8.0 KBW: Hold Me
  • (Active) Omielle channels then teleports to target ally champion within 600 units, placing a 75-radius circle at her prior location. If the target ally is male, she appears in front of them; if it is non-male, she appears behind them.This circle lasts for one second and deals magic damage to targets inside it four times during that duration.
    Magic Damage per quarter second: 11/22/33/44/55 (+20% AP)
    Total Magic Damage: 44/88/132/176/220 (+80% AP)
    Range: 600
    Cost: 100 Mana
    Cooldown: 19/18/17/16/15
Name:  OmielleEs.png
Views: 65
Size:  7.5 KBE: It's Our Life
  • (Active) Omielle shields a target ally for 80/120/160/200/240 (+70% AP) damage for 4 seconds. If the target is male, for 5 seconds after the shield expires he gains the It's Our Life buff. If he is killed while this buff is active, all of Omielle's health will be transferred to him regardless of distance, killing her and preventing his death. Any health beyond his maximum is lost. Omielle may recast the ability while the buff is active to immediately remove it.
    Shield Strength: 80/120/160/200/240 (+70% AP)
    Range: 800
    Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 Mana
    Cooldown: 11
Name:  OmielleRs.png
Views: 63
Size:  7.9 KBR: With You to the End
  • (Active) Hitsugi channels, then teleports to the nearest enemy champion within 1000/1400/1800, even if they are not visible when the ability was used. If no champions were in range, the ability goes on a 5 second cooldown. Upon reaching the target, Hitsugi's Force aura immediately strikes it for physical damage. After a 4 second countdown, his Will aura will then strike out for magical damage at all enemies within autoattack range. Both sections of the ability consume Will charges for bonus effects independently.
    Area-of-effect damage: 200/300/400 (+70% AP)
    Total damage over time: 30/45/60 (+50% AP)
    Range: 600
    Effect diameter: 250
    Cost: 100 Mana
    Cooldown: 140/115/90

On Selection:
"One thousand days I've waited for you."

"I want to forget him."
"Burn alive!"
"They will feel as I have felt."
"I believed in his love."
"I survived. They will not."
"This is just what I needed."
"I'll destroy the memories."
"I love to make them suffer."

"I won't keep you waiting."
"I want a new beginning."
"Your wishes are mine."
"I do it for you."
"I wonder what our children will look like?"
"They will remember us. Us."
"One thousand, one thousand and one..."
"I may forget, but I cannot forgive."

"Who's Janna? And what does she mean she plans on 'leaving you breathless?!'"
"You...wish I was Sona? Are you...are you saying I talk too much?"
"Lux? But she's going to steal your kills! Surely I'm better than that..."

"The human heart. So easily shattered."
"You...will...LOVE ME!"

Interactions - Shyvana:
"Perhaps I am not the only jilted one here after all."
"Beautiful...let the rage consume you."

Interactions - Evelynn:
"I have no patience left for heartbreakers."
"It takes a lot of effort to move like this with burns."

Interactions - Lissandra:
"You think coldness is what a man wants?"
"How does one so passionate stay so cold?"

Using My Darling:
"Come here." (male target)
"Do you doubt my passion?" (male target)
"Meaningless." (non-male target)
"I bear no love for you." (non-male target)

Using Hold Me:
"Give me love!"
"Make me whole!"

"I won't forget you..."
"I'll give it...to you..." (with It's Our Life active)
"I do this...for you..." (with With You to the End active)

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