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Soraka "Buffs"

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So as most everyone knows, Infuse was buffed recently to silence enemies.

It was then even more recently buffed to also damage enemies.

Starcall's damage was increased as well, and the magic resist was bumped up and given additional stacks.

So, basically, the support side of her was neglected somewhat and her offensive capabilities were buffed.

This seems completely backwards to me; she has so much potential as a support hero, and none as an offensive hero. You'd never pick her over lich, for example, no matter how many buffs her attack skills get. You might pick her over, Janna, though, with proper buffing in the right places.

Really the biggest problems I have when using her:

Her heal over time scales awfully. I mean, really, I always level it last. One level is enough as I get most of the healing from AP regardless, the cooldown doesn't decrease, the armor bonus doesn't increase, and the mana cost really shoots up to the point where I have to choose between giving my teammates a very modest heal over time or restoring mana to them, because I can't afford to cast infuse on teammates with the steep cost of her heal.

IMHO the mana cost should be 50/75/100/125/150 at most, 50/70/90/110/130 would be even better. Also having the armor bonus scale 20/25/30/35/40 would give more reason to level it than leave it at level 1 early on. Cooldown is arguably fine, but having it drop even slightly per level would be nice so you could constantly have 2 heals up with some cooldown reducers.

Starcall really puts you at risk, you have to get within range of a lot of more dangerous things to use it and you'll almost always be a priority target. Only change to starcall that's needed is making it a targeted skill so you can cast it from afar. This change more than anything would make her an actual threat in a team fight as well as give her great lane control.

Those are support-based changes to her skills, which is what she really needs to shine IMHO. Proposals like making her heal over time do damage over time on enemies, etc. just defeat the purpose of the character as support. She'd need a complete remake to have any potential as a damage dealer or anything else; why tweak her to be more of one?

I'd even say the damage and possibly even silence on infuse could be reverted if the above changes were implemented.

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The reason nobody liked Soraka, balance issues aside, was always that she was a 100% pure healbot. Some people may like that, but not enough to be worth keeping her that way. I think she's a good balance now of support and offense.