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[Champion suggestion] Guinsoo

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Idea: programmers are also legends ~ (started as a "just for fun" idea)

MissingSkillNameException(Q): What the...?
Dealing 100+50*skill level + 0.75 * AP damage,
slowing everyone close to the target (except the target) for 40% for 3 seconds, makes no damage if cast on allies

You need a Buff (W): Guinsoo realizes that one of his teammates is to weak! so he gives him small a buff
increases atk, ap, def and magic def for 5%+2%*skill level (15% at lvl 5)

Enraged Guinsoo strike(E): Enough of pretty words....
Deals 100+50*skill level + 0.5 * AP damage,
if the target is killed with Guinsoo's mighty hit it will explode and deal 5%*skill level of its max HP as area damage

Nerf (R): Guinsoo realizes that one of his enemies is OP - its time for a nerf ~~
The target loses 50% of its atk, ap def, magic def for 5 seconds

Improve Balanace! (passive): If Guinsoos team has less towers or hero kills, he will become stronger
5% AP for Towers, 3% AP for heroes

example: Guinsoos team has 3 towers less and their teamstats are 15/25 = 45% Bonus AP
(his skills dont have 1:1 AP ratio so if he has 500 base AP he would have 725 AP = 225 AP bonus. that are 168.75 dmg for Q skill and 112 Bonus dmg for E skill)