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6k Champ, which?

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•Swain - Can be fun, very situational. Any healing debuffs are very strong against him.
•Yorick - Incredibly strong bot lane, and team fighter. Very boring imo.
•Talon - Strong, but I never liked him. Seems pretty bland to me.
•Lee Sin - Strong and incredibly fun. When I bought Lee Sin I played sooo much of him. He is tough at first but once you get the hang of him he is sooo much fun. Very mobile and versatile.
•Renekton - Don't see much of him in Dominion. He's okay, but there are better picks for bruiser, and he is not much fun imo.
•Irelia - Strong and fairly fun. Was my first 6300ip champ and I don't regret buying her. I prefer playing her on SR, though.

My opinion? Lee Sin. If you don't have much experience playing him and give him a chance long enough to get the hang of him.... he is a blast to play and is very strong, especially 1v1. Very strong early with his passive. Skill, AA, AA, skill, AA, AA... etc.