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Rune Pages and IP: Thoughts!

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Snow Kites

Junior Member


With the recent increase of the rune page cap to 20, and the vastly diversified plethora of options now presented to summoners whenever they select masteries for any champion, I thought it might be a service to the community if Riot decreased the IP cost of individual rune pages to 3150 or 4800, as they are now even more of a part of the specialization of the game that so many players love. I know personally I prefer to spend actual money on skins, as I can only acquire them with RP, and my IP is thus spread thin over just champions and runes, so 6300 IP is just too big a price to pay on a consistent basis even if I just want 4 or 5 basic rune pages. What do you guys think?

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Senior Member


Yes, the price on rune pages is pretty ridiculous.