Better Selection for Bot Games

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(Not sure if this is the section for this)

Testing champions in custom games and bot games has become...boring. Same old random selection of the same classic champs, beyond boring. While PvP is probably the best experience for learning a champ. Whether this has been suggested or not, it would be nicer to see a better selection to test skills against. Yes, I do far more bot games than pvp, I just prefer not to get stressed out after one game. Spice up the bot gaming aspect for the community, it would make things far less boring.

*Better Selection means the games do not get as stale
*Would make bot games a bit less predictable
*People who prefer bot games to pvp will still get more from the game

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Couldn't agree more. Obviously there is AI work involved in preparing a champ to be played by bots, but as the majority of games i play are bot games, it seems like it'd be worth it.

It would also be cool if the bot teams were actually a bit more randomized. Sometimes itd make it too easy, and sometimes itd be a lot harder, and the only thing missing from bot games is some variety. Going up against four tanks and a Soraka instead of a normally balanced comp would be nuts, and itd be fun to lock in and actually wonder who I'm going to be fighting instead of assuming it's Annie mid, MF and Taric top, etc.

I enjoy the lesser stress and noncompetitive mood of bot games, and theyd be even better if we saw more champs and different teams.