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Asiloa, the screaming mute

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ok i think this game needs more supports so i figured i would think of a few.

ill make this one more neat, so it looks legit.

Passive asiloas voice grows in strength for every ability used. after using 5 abilities, asiloa may cast one ability for free, without mana cost. whether or not its on cooldown. (using this passive resets the cooldown of the activated ability)

"q" Vocal pitch 10 / 7/ 6's CD single target 1/1 AP ratio.

Asiloa amplifies the pitch of her voice, screaming into the ears of one target dealing 80/ 190/ 240 dmg. Enemies who are affected with ruptured eardrums are feared for
1/ 1.5/ 2.5 seconds and take 10% increased damage.

"w" Vocal Gale 15/ 13 / 10s CD aoe cone. 60% ap ratio
Asiloa screams ahead of her, dealing 100/ 200/ 350 magic damage and rupturing all enemies eardrums for 6 seconds. enemies with ruptured eardrums have 20% reduced move speed, and 20% increased cool downs.

"e" The mutes call 17 / 15 / 13 aoe cone.

Asiloa sends out another scream of amplified energy, stripping all allied champions of crowd control effects. if the scream hits a feared enemy, it will impare them, causing that unit to turn on his foes for 3 seconds, attacking any unit with the least health while also being able to be targeted by his enemy team.

"r" Last words 120 / 80 / 65 80% ap ratio

Asiloa channels for 1 second. And lets out the highest note possible, rupturing the eardrums of all enemy champions, dealing 200/ 300/ 400 dmg and stunning anyone with previously ruptured eardrums for 1/ 2 / 2.5 seconds.

If an enemy is hit by the ultimate while currently impared. they will be silenced for 1/ 2/ 3 seconds.

just another idea i had. last one, duno where these 2 champ ideas came from.
but yea i think she sounds a little op. but dont alot of champions sound op untill you try them.

her main support role is stunning, removing cc. and causing an enemy to turn onto his team. the ideal way her passive would work, is to be able to use the q 2 times on enemies with ruptured eardrums, to fear 2 people and possibly silence 2 additional people with her ultimate.

basically she can impare people heavily, or greatly reduce any cc the enemy can dish out.
sorta like shooting out mercury treads at people or whatever.