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Rose, the Thorny Siphon

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So i had this cool idea for a champ, that would be a support. her thing would to transfer the damage that would be done to allies, to herself.
so you would build her very tanky and hp like =D.
just an idea.

so like her passive, would be a global that would reflect 1% of all damage back to enemies.

just so you know, thats only reflecting like 1 damage back for every 100. its not going to make any difference, it would just fuel her passive.
1% of whatever minnion damage is. is going to be a fraction. making her ultimate hard to activate.

her q.

i was thinking her q could be an cone, small nuke that would leave a "cut" on an enemy.


Her w would be her bread and butter, where she would tether onto an allied champion, causing that champion to take up to 50% reduced damage, but 40% of the damage would be transferred to rose. basically splitting damage in half.
also if the champion is proced with her q, rose would only take 30% damage and would reflect 10% of the reduced damage back at her enemies. so if she cones in a teamfight an puts w on the tank she would be dealing decent dmg.


her e is a toggle, called something cool. and what her e would do is toggle her auto attacks, so that she can auto attack her allies.
BUT any damage that would be done to her allies is converted into healing, and the amount that is healed would then damage rose.
basically it makes her autoattacks trade her own hp to an ally.

also if you toggle this and attack an enemy it would debuff them decreasing all healing and regeneration effects by 20%.


Her ultimate would be called blossom.

her ultimate would be simmular to shyvana, but instead of auto attacking, she has a 100/100 bar, that scales towards the amount of damage reflected from her passive, OR her proced q.

Rose blossoms into an array of 8 rose petals. each petal grants rose 50 health and 5 armor and 5 mr.
every 2 seconds a petal dies and falls off from rose, to wherever the mouse cursor is currently at.
if the petal hits an ally, it heals them for whatever 60/80/100
or if it hits an enemy champion it dose the direct in damage.

On the final rose petal. will decide the fate of her ultimate, if the rose petal hits an allied champion, it will heal her entire team for the amount that her roses have healed for.

But if the final rose hits an enemy it will heal there entire enemy team for the amount each petal had done damage in total.

so like it could do up to 800 healing. with the scaling.

so it would be a skill orientated ult that makes her tank'y, but its interesting because if the enemy team stays away from her, they wont take damage but she will heal her team.

But if they rush her, the enemy team could possibly heal themselves and own everyone.

and she would look pretty natury, with like thorn vynes going all around her and stuff.

I duno just something that came to mind. thought it is an interesting and origional champion concept.