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CHAMPION Alarune The Morning Star

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It's in my opinion we could use a little more options for tanks in LoL, not just that but more than just three with a taunt mechanism like as Shen, Galio and Rammus can only do; Galios being his ult making it hard to get enemies attention onto him as often as the other two.

I won't know how to base damage of each ability and how to scale them but just give ideas of what they would be like and can do as far as affects and visuals.

Name: Alarune, The Morning Star
Role: Tank, Melee, Assasian

Passive - Apparent Magnitude: Alarune takes less damage with the more distance between her and her attacker(s)

Q -Dissociation: If facing a enemy dissociation will cause the target to turn and run if target is facing away from Alarune dissociation will taunt target towards her

W - Pressure: Alarune grows in size and increases damage while nearby enemies Attack is decreased <becomes about the size of Cho'gall after consuming 6 apponents with his Ult>

E - Elongation: Alarune Uses the weight of her mace to extend herself forward causing damage to target(s) at impact <short range lunge about the length of Graves Quickdraw>

R - Impact Crater: Alarune hurls a larger version of her mace causing a huge impact in the ground causing damage to all enemies in the area of affect and slowing them temporarily
<pretty self explanatory>
Race: Human
Nationality: Ex-Rakkor
Age: 25-30
Occupation: Ronin, Assasian
Affiliation: formaly of the Rakkor

Alarune once belonging to the tribe of people known as the Rakkor, had grown up strongly believing in the ways of her people. Taught by her mother Alia who learned everything from Alarunes father who was a former member of Solari untill he passed of natural causes. When the day came for Alarune's chance to be challenged with the tribes ceremony the Rite of Kor she had no idea she would be facing a good friend although with all that she learned, with her strong beliefs with the yearning to bare a runic weapon the same as her father and representing her people Alarune struck down her friend with no hesitation completing her accendence into the tribe. Her mother proud of her and Alarune proud of herself for the accomplishment, still afterwards Alarune could not help but feel remorse for the friend she had slain and defeated, remorse that her friend could not too of accended that he couldn't bare a anchient relic weapon and be also standing where she is today,but Alarune knew this is the way of her people so she had to move on.
Then the day of Leonas Rite of Kor came, Alarunes mother Alia knowing the parents of Leona and being friends for some long time Alarune had came to know Leona from a distance never getting too personal or getting to know each other. For whatever reason Alarune never had any liking to Leona or urge to be friends something just put them off from one another that couldn't be described; but on the day of Leonas Rite of Kor when she refused to fight then was not executed but made a member of the Solari which Alarunes father once was. Alarune was in a uproar, she could not believe what was done, what Leona had done and becoming a Solari made Alarune believe her tribe had discraced themselves, the way of their people and her father former member of the Solari. The fact that Alarune had slain her own friend in the name and beliefs of her tribes ways which Leona did not, made Alarune doubt everything she believed. So feeling betrayed by her tribe and with rage towards Leona, Alarune picked up her runic mace Venus formaly her fathers weapon, in the middle of the day and attempted to take Leonas life, however Pantheon a long time friend of Leona caught Alarune in the middle of the act and was able to stop her from carrying out her haness act towards Leona. Alarune left Mount Targon that night hoping some day to strike her own justice on Leona in her own way.

For the ways of old and my father the light known as Leona will be extinguished - Alarune

Look i'm not a good writer I really don't have the first idea what im doing here its just a idea so please be gentle with the critisism just let me know what you think, ideas, if you think there should be more tanks in LoL this was mostly quick and off the top of my head