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[Skin Idea] Dragonborn Cassiopeia

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So I've noticed Riot do not make skins for champions that are rarely played and for some champions it's because they are champs that require a lot of skill or that they are more viable for the roll. However the champs that do not get touched won't get skins unless played, so I have come up with an idea for a Cassiopeia skin (Riot may not care, but I sure do). The Cass skin is dragonborn and the skin will be representing Amphithere (The dragon with no feet but the body/tail of a snake). Her body is that of the dragon, the arms will be wings, her face will be there however the headpiece will represent the head of a dragon. Still yet to work out how the spells will work but the thought is there on the table. Thank You.

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The Cass skin is dragonborn

have you been playing Skyrim...?

i agree tho