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Sethraen the Myth

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Story (feel free to edit)
From a land called T'sunaraeth, came a creature that is now known as Sethraen the Myth. T'sunaraeth was once a land of prosperity and power, but one day a darkness covered its lands. The crops died with the people in rivers of blood and ashes. Sethraen the Myth is aptly named, because T'sunaraeth is nothing more than a land in a child's book, until now that is. Sethraen is from a faction called Airen. Aerin is dedicated to fusing life, death, and shadow, Sethraen was their greatest success, until Sethraen realized its power and killed its creators and left. Sethraen has been hunted for a millennia, but no one has captured it. Sethraen's response to all who tried to claim it was dead soldiers. Sethraen, though frail and ungifted in magic, possessed the body of an enemy and controlled the body, once it fell Sethraen would possess another or give a dose of shadow poison to any that tried to claim it. Sethraen's reasons to join the League of Legends was stated : "To not be a slave."
"The shadows will consume all who stand in my path."
-Sethraen the Myth
Abilities (change anything that seems too unfair, unbalanced, etc.)
Auto Skill: Bleed: After five hits, the enemy will bleed profusely for five seconds, losing five health every second.
Activate Skill 1: Shadow Blade: Sethraen's blade will gain the powers of shadow which will increase attack power by 2%/4%/8%. Cooldown 10 sec.
Activate Skill 2: Shade of Death: An area of affect that opens a portal at the specified location. It slows any enemy in it and drains their health and mana by 10/20/30 for five seconds. (Area of Effect increaces for every level up) cooldown 15 sec.
Activate Skill 3: Shadow Poison: Sethraen's blade becomes coated in a black substance that will paralyze, drain health and mana, and steal gold. It lasts only one hit, but greatly aids in escape or finishing blows. (paralyze time 2/3/4 sec.) Cooldown 20 sec.
Activate Skill 4: Possess: For a short amount of time, Sethraen can possess an enemy minion, super minion, or champion (not very long time). The body that Sethraen has control over will walk wherever or attack whatever commanded. Allied turrets will attack the body possessed or not, but while possessing the body, the body loses health, and Sethraen is unharmed.( Minion control 15/20/25 sec.) (Super Minion control 10/15/20 sec.) (Champion control 3/4/5 sec.) Cooldown 60 sec.
health: weak
mana: weak
strength: weak
difficulty: hard