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[Champion Concept] Araghness - Spider Queen

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Hi everybody.
First, I speak french and a not-really-perfect-english, so sorry for that.

I've got a champion idea. In short, is a half-human female and a half-spider.
She is a mage.
I also made a drawing with my concept.

Just here:
(My DeviantArt, please click "Donwload" for Hight Quality): http://xlukaria.deviantart.com/art/Araghness-269281892
(Or Direct Link):

Story:Is to come.., if you have ideas, dont hesitate!


0. Passive:
5 % of damage taken are transforms in Ability Power.
20 seconds cooldown.

1. (Q) Spear Of Twilight:
When Araghness cast trhe spell, she dash to her target, increasing Ability Power of 10% for 5 seconds. Make 60 damage.

2. (W) Red Hell:
Range attack. The red sphere is thrown on the target who become stunt for 5 seconds. Impose 50 damage.
60 seconds cooldown.

3. (E) Poisonnous Strike:
Strike an attack that poison the target. Each other ability cast in the next 5 seconds also poison the target.
20 seconds cooldown.

4.(R) Domination Web:
The champion or the mignion targeted are glue in Araghness web and slow theirs movement speed by 70%, increasing the Ability Power by 20% during 5 seconds.
120 seconds cooldown.

Also notice that I don't know if my damage, cooldown and others things are good for an equilibrate chamapion. If you have ideas, comment , adjustments or other, please comment!
Also, if this champion is created, that would just be extraordinary, ahah!

Thanks for reading!