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Henshar, The Space Animator

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arcane pheonix

Senior Member


henshar's first ability is "black hole". After a short delay henshar creates a wide black hole at the target location that lasts 5 seconds dealing 100/130/160/200/250 (plus 0.4) magic damage over the duration. henshar's secod ability is "outer space". henshar steals space from around the target location, slowing enemies inside the area by 25/30/40/45/50% for 3/3/3/3/4 seconds.henshar's third ability is "spacial stasis". henshar traps the target in a black hole stunning the target for 1.5/
2.0/2.5/2.75/3.0/ and dealing 60/80/100/150/180 (plus 0.4) magic dmg. Henshar's ultimate is "black void". henshar creates a wall of pure void energy dealing 200/350/450 (plus to enemies inside the wall,enemies who pass through the wall are slowed by 30/30/30 % and take 100/200/300 (plus 0.5) magic damage.Henshar's passive is "void hole". Every 6 seconds Henshar's next basic attack will create a small portal to the void which will drain the target area for 5/7/10 damage per second for 3 seconds and will heal henshar for 3/5/8 hp (stacks for every opponent,and heals for half damage against minions) every second it does damage to an enemy or enemies.

will add more stuff soon. XD