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Rollute, The Master Chef.

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Rollute, a great traveling chef, had never found a true home. In fear of his restaurant being overrun again, he travels from town to town, feed those who buy, and the moving on. Rollute has made thousands through feeding war efforts, and creating great meals for gatherings. Rollute however, never knew the secret of his cooking. Adding a herb to his meals, it would create a massive craving for his food that last for hours. An illusion to the mind.

Rollute finding out that he had cheated millions without even knowing it, decided to give back to those taunted by his food. He joined the League as a way to redeem himself, even though it was not needed. Rollute now spends time cooking a feast for fellow champions, in between battles.

"One must not go to battle hungry, or they shall be lured by the smells of coming doom."


Damage, 40. +2 per level.
Health, 400. +88 per level.
Mana, 0.
Move Speed, 300.
Armor, 15. +4 per level.
Spell Block, 28. +1 per level.
Health Regen, 2. +.2 per level.
Mana Regen, 0.

Instead of having mana, Rollute has a bar of stocked food. It stacks to 100. It's regen is 1, +.3 per level.

Rollute is suited as a support melee. Using his butcher's knife to attack. He is dressed as a chef, and pulls a a little cart of food behind him.


Passive, Pull Wagon. When Rollute is attacked from behind, 1 stocked food is taking away for every 30 damage instead of health.

Q, Chef's Choice. Rollute marks an enemy target, any damage done to this target restores stocked food to you, and other resources to allies. Last 8 seconds. "You steal enemy rations, not cannibalism."

W, Special of the Day. Rollute feeds a friendly champion his special. Increasing damage by 6% for for 10 seconds. When the effect ends, they are healed.

E, Overworked. Rollute finds himself overworked in orders. Increasing his movement speed by 10%, and his attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds. If Rollute kills an enemy champion while Overworked his up, the cooldown is refreshed.

R, Beef Stew. Ult. Rollute targets an enemy champion for his most favorite dish. Submerging them in a bowl of hot stew. Any enemy champions within 10 units of the target are also submerged. While in the stew enemies take 20 damage every second, and have their attack speed slowed by 30%. Allies attacking enemies in the stew regen health. Last 12 seconds.