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My version of Fizz (Oceanus)

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*NOTE: This champion concept is created primarily because of my disappointment on Fizz's abilities. Others may think differently, and there is only a slight possibility that Riot will consider this champion.

Appearance: I picture him to look young and little, a lot like Fizz. And, like Fizz, Oceanus carries a trident with him. He should be as tall as Annie, Amumu, Kennen, Fizz, etc. He carries a gourd-shaped container carrying all his water with him on his back, like singed. (Also like Gaara if you watch Naruto Shippuden).

Unique Trait: Oceanus should start with 100 ability power because his only damage is his passive, which is a percentage of his ability power. If he were to have ability power based on only his items, runes, and masteries, he'd be pretty weak early considering that he doesn't have damage on his spells except for the ability power

Auto-Attack: melee,(switches to range when he uses q)

*NOTE: Oceanus' spells do no damage, ONLY his passive deals damage. But all his spells use his Sacred Water, activating the passive. The damage does not stack, whether the Sacred Water comes from different spells or not.

[Passive] Sacred Atlantean Water: Oceanus uses his Sacred Water from Atlantis, it does dmg to enemies based on the percentage of your current ap every second, as well as speeding up Oceanus. Coming into contact with the water, Ally or Enemy, will cause you to get soaked, spreading the Sacred Water. This water stays on the field for a couple seconds before evaporating, meaning it could spread and cover up some of the map. If your an ally, you will not recieve the damage that the Water gives, but you'll still spread it.

[Q] Trident Attack: Oceanus throws his spear at cursor location, like heimer's bomb. Whoever is hit directly is stunned and soaked, those caught around it are only soaked. He switches to ranged auto-attack until he picks up his Trident, or after a few seconds, and the Trident comes back to Oceanus.
*NOTE: His ranged auto-attack has slightly lowered damage.

[W] Water Release: Oceanus launches a wave of his Atlantean Water, leaving a trail of it on the ground. Enemies hit by this ability will get soaked.

[E] Aqua Missile: Oceanus launches a water missile, splashing his Sacred Water on the ground. Has a very short cooldown (like Karthus' lay waste). The third missile will slow targets.

[R] Charybdis Summoning: Oceanus releases water from his container, connecting himself and an ally or enemy, soaking the target. After a few seconds, the ally/enemy linked with you is surrounded by a mighty whirlpool (bigger than karthus' defile). This ability doubles the damage that your passive deals, but ONLY from within the whirlpool. The whirlpool lasts for a couple seconds.