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A number of champ consepts

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So, I don't feel like making a number of threads for the different champs runnin around in my mind so, in no real order, here we go. Note that I am terrible with names and lore so I'll leave those up to others, these are just the general concept and flavor of the champs. Also, any numbers are highly speculative and probably about as balanced as an airplane with a missing wing.

The Bee Keeper
The bee keeper is a ranged caster who specializes in dealing greater and greater amounts of damage as a fight goes on. Lacking an initial burst ability but making up for it with control effects and resists.

Gathering Swarm (Passive) -
All of the Bee Keepers abilities apply a damage over time which deals .5% of the targets health in magic damage every second for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times with repeated spell hits (similar to twitch's poison). In addition, all of the Bee Keeper's abilities have an additional effect based upon the number of stacks on their target.

Wave of Bee's (Q) -
a skill shot nuke that passes through targets, dealing reduced damage for each target hit, up to a total of 5 targets. For every stack of Gathering Swarm on the target at the time this nuke hits the target suffers reduced Magic Resist. The resist reduction does not stack with itself (as this ability has a short cool down) but it reapplies with each hit, which, presumably, will reduce the MR further with more stacks of Gathering Swarm.

Buzzing Armor (W) -
The Bee Keeper covers himself in a living suit of insects, granting him a rather large ward. For every ~100 damage the ward takes a swarm of bees detaches from him to seek out the attacker. Upon reaching the attacker (or a set time passes) the swarm deals a set amount of damage and dissipates. In addition, for every stack of Gathering Swarm on the target their ability power and attack damage are lowered.

Hive Toss (E) -
The Bee Keeper throws a hive a bees to target location, dealing damage to enemies in the area. For a duration the hive generates swarms of bees every second which seek out random targets in range and deal damage to them before dissipating. In addition, for every stack of Gathering Swarm on the target that target is slowed.

Queen Bee (Ultimate) -
The queen herself joins the Bee Keeper on the field for a short time. A short range skill shot that deals moderate damage to all struck, at the end of the skill shot the queen bee (a pet similar to tibbers from annie, but moves and attacks faster) takes the field and attacks near by enemies, prefering targets with more stacks of Gathering Swarm on them. The queen's attacks apply additional stacks of Gathering Swarm. Upon reaching full stacks of Gathering Swarm, the queen orders the bees on her target to Kamakazi themselves. Dealing large amounts of damage, consuming all stacks of Gathering Swarm, and stunning the target. The queen will then seek out the next target. Note: the queen is uncontrollable, but fast and ignores units for movement


The Mage Hunter
This is deigned to be a tank who specializes in shutting down or negating casters through indirect means. Most of her abilities are reactive, but if left alone she should have enough damage to pull some attention.

Magic Absorption (passive) -
whenever a hostile champion uses an ability within a moderate distance of the Mage Hunter, her movement and attack speeds are increased. This ability stacks a few times.

Mana burn (Q) -
Passive - The Mage Hunter's attack passively deal additional damage based upon the % of mana/energy her target is missing. This effect continues even as it is on cool down.
Active - For a few seconds all of the Mage Hunter's attacks drain a % of the targets mana/energy.

Spell Reflect (W) -
The Mage Hunter surrounds herself in a special barrier after a short cast. The next spell to hit her for a few seconds is reflected back to the target. AoE spells are only fully reflected if she is the target of them, otherwise simply the damage and any effects are dealt to the caster as though they were hit with the AoE. While it is a reflection, it counts The Mage Hunter as the caster, and applies additional on hit spell effects as such (so crystal scepter will proc only if she has one)

Essence Drain (E) -
The Mage hunter channels, dealing damage over time to up to 3 nearby targets. This ability targets and AoE around the Mage hunter, and will select new targets as the current ones move out of range or die until the end of the channel. If any of the targets use an ability, they are stunned, the channel on them ends, and the Mage Hunter regains a % of mana.

Watchful Silence (Ultimate) -
This ability has 2 stages, first the Mage Hunter sends out a skill shot nuke which deals moderate magic damage and reveals the first hostile champion it hits. For the next few seconds The Mage Hunter may reactivate this ability to blink to the target hit by the skill shot. Upon arriving the target and all near by targets take damage and are pulled to the location the Mage Hunter landed. All targets hit are slowed and should they use an ability while slowed, they take additional damage and are silenced.


Well, that's all for now, if people like I'll post more, but for now... Ima play a game.