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New champ for charity?

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Basically a champ in which all rp skins and bundles for this champ will go to charity. The publicity for any champ that donates to charity would be immense. I personally am a strong advocate for Invisible Children, but the idea behind donating to any type of charity is what matters.

Captain Crowne: The Liberator (I envision Captain Crowne as a fat Grey Crowned Crane with a monocle)

Story:Crowne is a world renowned humanitarian advocate. Crowne's parents died when he was young to some kinda Noxian rebels. Used that to fuel his humanitarianistic values. Joined the league to stop Noxus.

Hp: Strong
Attack: weak
Spells: Average
Difficulty: medium

Abilities: these abilities are kinda inspired by what is going on in Uganda
passive: Allies near Captain Crowne will receive bonus armor(mr, dodge%, tenacity)?

Q: (interposition) Creates a wall that the enemies cannot pass through but your allies can. This wall is not as big as Anivia's wall, but still has the potential to stop chases or engagements.

W: (Under my wing) Captain Crowne flies to an ally and absorbs some of the dmg that they take. Dmg to Cpt Crowne will not be shared with whomever he dashes towards.

E: (Reinforcements) Captain Crowne sends for backup. After a brief delay birds will swarm a targeted area and silence (or visibility decrease) anyone in that area.

ULT: (I like to sing ) Captain Crowne stores absorbed dmg over time. When fully stored Captain Crowne can release that energy in a giant screech that deals dmg to enemies.

I feel League of Legends has not had a tanky champ for a while and needed one. I tried to make his skills in such a way so he doesnt have the ability to be an "alistar". Although his ult may not have a cooldown, in order to use it players will need to take some dmg first. Some people may argue that being creative with champion builds is what makes them fun but others may think your fun is imbalanced.

I hope I inspired you, maybe not by Captain Crowne, but maybe you can come up with a creative new champion that could support a charity?

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Are you aware of urf the matinee? It was an April fools day gag that riot pulled. So many players where touched by the story of urf, that when the option came up to buy a skin to support him, over 15,000 Players purchased it on the first day. Riot was so touched by the show of support that all of the proceeds where donated to a charity devoted to saving the matinee from extinction.

ByronicHero: "Even in death, UrfÂ’s indomitable spirit endures to help his fellow sea cows in their hour of need!"