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Is centurion good enough to become a champion?

Yes 1 100%
No 0 0%
Needs to be weakened 0 0%
Needs more power 0 0%
Voters 1 .

Centurion Protector of the wilds

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Name: Centurion
Affiliation: Nature
Age: ???
Weapon: Bow
Description: Is a centaur that wields a bow and leather armor that has powers over nature. He is a very interesting character because he has a total of 8 ability 3 are AD and
3 are AP and the other 2 can be both AD or AP. In order to activate four of them (the AP ones) you have to be near a tree so it can give you its strength.


Under construction :3

Under construction :3

Passive: Spirit of nature: The trees reconize Centurion as a spirit of nature and give him their mystical powers giving him the ability to cast the second version of his spells (the ap spells)

Q: Passive: Poisoned Arrows: Centurions arrows are poisoned with the poison of many plants that can be found in the wilds. Causing his arrows to apply poison to his enemy's damaging them 30/35/40/45/50 over 10 seconds
Active: Centurion launches a poisoned arrow that explodes on impact making a cloud of poison that does 20/25/30/35/40 damage for every second the person is in it as well as slowing your opponents movement speed by 20% while their in the cloud. Cloud lasts 5 seconds and has a 15 second cool down.
Poison vines: (REQUIRES YOU TO BE NEAR A TREE ) Centurion summons roots out of the ground that anchors the opponent its cast on for four seconds and causing 100/125/150/175/200 Magic damage while the person is anchored.

(alright that was alot of typing so im going to take a break ill get back to work on it soon, if your really interested in this champion check by regularly because ill be adding more and more