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Would you like to see skins on co-op bots?

Yes 3 100%
No 0 0%
Voters 3 .

[Suggestion] Bot Skins in Co-op

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Cylince II

Junior Member


Last night some friends and I were running co-op to play with the new masteries when I realized how boring it was seeing the same enemies over and over again. A thought occurred to me, "Why not have the bots select random skins?"

First, it should be fairly simple to code. Secondly, it's a great marketing tool for Riot to show off it's paid content. Typically it's newer players playing co-op vs AI which would be the perfect audience to show the skins off to. Third, it breaks up the monotony of seeing the same opponents time and again (which could be better fixed by a wider variety champion bots). Forth, it has no effect on the actual gameplay itself.