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Tasmanian Devil LoL-alike?

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Allo Gents and Ladies,

The funny thing with Ranmus, is that he reminds me much of the classic Warner Bros. Cartoon characters. Which led me to the tangent of an Anti-Ranmus, the Tazmanian devil if you will.

Taz -The Ultimate Carnivore Connoisseur

Picture the Taz. Now he can't be called Taz per se, as I think someone might sue. But I'll call him that for now.

Passive: Opposite of Ranmus, his extra AD becomes a percentile of his armor But only if you are close to him. Likely named "In Claw's Reach" or somesuch. The implication is that as he gets more damage, you tend to shy away from him, and naturally you'd try to stay back and fill him with arrows.

[Q] - Whirling Dervish
The iconic whirling tornado Tazmanian Devil spin. If memory serves he would accelerate like Ranmus, but instead of stopping when he hits someone, he slows down and does damage (similar to Kennen). Naturally the sound of a chainsaw through wood ought to be used. Tapping Q while so slowed will allow him to stop spinning early and start his cooldown. If he is past a certain speed limit, he no longer can stop until he's reached his max duration and then stops, either with a self-inflicted-stun, or "dizzy" penalty or somesuch. The idea is that if you use it for travel without hitting something, he gets dizzy and should therefore be blazing toward a target, even if it's a minion. If you use it for damage, you follow someone and chip away at them until you stop, or risk becoming dizzy.
[W] - Inhale
This would be similar to Trundle's Rabid Bite. Again, temporarily taking a chunk of whatever the highest artifically boosted stat the enemy has but instead Anti-Stat for himself. Eating AD would grant Armor, and Armor would grant AD, AP to MR and MR to AP. Naturally, the more extreme the attacked stat is the percentile Taz gets. After a short period, he spits the buff out as a projectile, either targetable or, like Heimdinger, be at the closest target to him. It might even be a small range cone effect in front of him like Corki/Pantheon. Doing damage, or applying a slow.

[E] - Feisty / Rebuttal
A Passive/Active system and is an Anti-Hard-CC.
Feisty he gains buffs if he's subjected to, or is nearby a teammate being subjected to, certain forms of hard CC. If he's taunted he gains Attack Damage, if stunned he gains armor, Suppressed he gains MR, etc. Soft CC, like Slows, would be perfectly fine to kill him however. Much like Jax, his [E] Activates after he takes a CC, is only available for a short while after being the subject of a CC. The Active portion of E would be Rebuttal, where he responds to what he was given:
- A Stun would lead him to leaping automatically towards the stunner.
- A Suppress would lend a speed burst.
- Alternatively he could simply give the CC'er a damage pulse with Rebuttal. A way to kill those who stun and run as it were.
- Possibly it would break the CC early, or he could simply take it and then be able to use it.
Like Sivir, it would have to be on a longish cooldown. Either reducing as he levels, or increasing what effects Rebuttal has.

[R] - Indiscriminate Mauling
aka: Aaaah! GetItOff!
He picks a target at range. He hurls himself at his foe like a living Caitlyn projectile, clinging to their back, doing a flat 15/20/25% of their Max Health in True/Magic/Physical (whichever works for Riot) Damage over a period of time. This means it's possible to land on the wrong target. In any event, like Warwick, he deals damage while clinging to the target, but more importantly, they both become a single Universal target, with neither player being able to directly attack the other. The Enemy so selected is not slowed or weakened in any way, and in fact gets to control where they move (like an inverted Skarner), he just takes damage from both sides of the conflict. Both side's towers will hurt them equally for half damage, both side's teammates can hit them, with heals or harms them both, and if Taz's victim dies first, he gets to run off with a speed boost. This puts the onus on Tanks to try to be the one latched on to, as they will survive the damage and be able to drag Taz toward their teammates to kill Taz, or simply endure the Ult and then fight on. Low health Squishys hiding under turrets would not be so lucky. Their own tower would kill them unless Taz himself is lower in health than they are. Indirect attacks, like Morgana's black pool, would hurt both of them if trod upon, so it's possible to indirectly damage Taz while he's latched on. If he lands on the carry, it's quite possible that the carry's own teammates will bring them down in their haste to get rid of Taz.

In a nutshell, his Q would be a Ranmus/Kennen like dash with the risk of overabusing it like Rumble with his heat, his W would be like Trundle/Anybody who applies a debuff, his E is like Sivir/Jax, and his R like Inverted Skarner/Warwick to either kill someone low, or targeat someone important, with various risks of being on the back of the enemy, being led about by the enemy, etc.

Backstory would go something like this:
Taz, being the ultimate Carnivore Connoisseur, wants to eat the one of a kind beings found only in the LoL. Ranmus, Twitch, Anivia, Alistar, Skarner, so many one of a kind beings, so many one of a kind delicacies! Gotta Eat Them All!

I hope you all liked this. As always, up it if you like it, down it if you hate it.
If you got constructive criticism's, I'd love to hear them, or possible fiddles or changes.

With Regards,