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(Champion Concept) Kira The Harbringer

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Future reference my spelling skills are not the best or my grammer, That's due to real life events sadly, So be gentle

Kira's Back Story could be a wanderer in Ionia? and could have been lost after the Ionia/noxius war? made generally as a Anti Tank not Anti mage. (mages have a hard enough time doncha?)\

Battle Frenzy - Passive

Kira's Attack's Deal 10/15/20% More Physical Damage (goes up by level 1-6 for 10% 7-15 for 15% and 15-18 for 20%) whenever his attacks hit more Enemy Champions. (1 enemy 10% 2 enemys 15 3 enemys 20% and does not work with or against minions unless enemy champions are being hit)

Grand Impact - Q

Kira's Jumps to a target area and stab's his sword into the ground, On the impact point, He sends a Shockwave of Damage Dealing 25/50/75/100/125 Physical Damage(0.4 of Attack Damage)

Dragon Sprial - W

Kira Spins in place Sending out 2 Waves of Energy charged from his Sword Dealing 20/40/60/80/100 Physical Damage (0.3 Attack Damage) and slows the Targets by 20/25/30/35/40%

Sonic Boom - E (Skill Shot)
Passive - Gains 1/3/5/7/10% Life Steal

Active - Kira Releases a Beam of energy out of his blade That Damages all targets in the way of the Shot dealing 15/30/45/60/75 Magical Damage (0.4 Attack Damage) and Lowers The Enemy's armor by 3/5/10/13/15%

Prime Focus - R Ult

Kira Attacks deal 5/10/15% True damage of the Targets Current Health while this effect lasts Kira gains increased movement speed 3/6/10% and Armor 5/10/15. After the effect wears off however, He Loses Movement speed and armor for a short time effect lasts for 8 seconds, Debuff lasts for 4 seconds (Does not get effected by tenacity so the debuff lasts the whole time)

The Idea behind Kira is Lately cause the meta is people roaming around with 3k health (that arnt even tanks and tanking and flattening people to hell and back, Hello Nasus and Sion) and punishing them for it. (i feel there is a lack of champions suited for this,i know there are some, but not everyone will play them)

Appearence. Carry's a Greatsword on his back that has a Wolf's head for the Guard of the blade. and the blade is not curved (i dislike Rivens and Trynda's if your gonna base it off something) but a str8 edge. double edge at that.

Upper body has a Light blue shirt with a Sea blue colored Vest, his pants would be long and would be not skin tight but sorta jean like. his shoes would be boots sorta like Ezreals. his hair would be maybe Azure? sorta like tryndas without a helmet? His arms in bandages and with Red eyes.

Again just an idea, about having a champion for the role of teamfighting, and alittle be of an escape with Q but still can jump into the brawl.

Base Stats
HP 520
Attack 56
AP 0
Movement 305 base
armor 18
MR 19
attackspeed 0.650 base

Rec items is.

Dorans Blade
Frozen mallet
Quick Silver Sash
(will be updateing soon)

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never really been a bumper, anyone have any possible advice that may make it better?