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Lee sin or Fizz

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A Litle P Kid

Senior Member


Have tried both champions while they are free but settled down on buying Fizz at the end. Not saying Lee Sin is not as powerful as Fizz, in fact Lee Sin is one of the most powerful champion in the game with fewer counters. On the other hand, Lee Sin is a character that has a very steep learning curve and you need to play him a lot before you are good with him. On the other hand, Fizz is much easier to learn and has much funnier animations and sooooooooooooo much more adorable.

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Well I have lee sin and even though he is an assasin he can actually be rated as a fighter because one of his skills can actually life steala dn with one bloodthirster he can own a 3v1 by himself(but must be build as tanky ad) and if built glass cannon he can take down opponets so fast and quick that even flash might not catch up and after that kill he can kill minions to get health and attack his next victim. While fizz on the other hand is good when taking down one enemy and moving to the next immediatly after one kill and he has more of a possibility to get the penta kill and fizz has great escape abilities and initate and also i tip is run away from some chasing you then after if he is low enough your burst dam can kill him or her really fast grabbing a kill for you. SO which one do you choose now