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[Champion Suggestion]Nava, The Tactical Sniper

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Sounds like an interesting looking character, but just imagine being shot with paarrrley from a lane over. That would be pretty intense. There basically would be no running away from this hero if she knew how to use wards.

You try to flash away all she has to do is pop inv and fire Q ability or her W ability which is a 4 second stun at highest level. Is that also a skill shot?

She sounds like a fun character, but being shot for 1k damage from one lane over sounds kinda unfun.

Invisibility and shooting basically is like having a tristana get to practice firing at you without retaliation. 16 seconds is a long time even with a slight AS reduce. Some items would fix that easy enough.

She has an amazing long range stun, an invisibility, long range paaarlay. Why would you ever use tristana again?

The thing about Lol that is different than other games is the blind pick right now, you can't pick heroes to counter other heros like in Dota since you have no idea what the other team has.

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I was trying to add a sniping attack that actully required a bit of skill to use. Its got double the cd of parrrley and its not a sure hit connection, like parrrley, and over all i think the damage is only about 1.6x that of parrrley. You can always dodge it too.

The reason i said snare is because its like Ryze's snare without the damage. Which can be cleansed, blinked, abilitied, and can still attack while under its influence. I am against any stun being that far ranged.

I could see 2 possible ways of playing this character. 1 would be critpirate go for movement speed and crit and damage, try to snare then cloak/slugshot at close range for the bonus crit. or 2 stack heavy damage, slow and attack speed and use the ult very meanly.

thats 16 seconds at lvl 16 which by that time either one team is way ahead or people have over 3k health to take some damage while under continious fire.