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Warwick jungle absolete?

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Col Jack Oniell



Warwick is one of my main characters and I'd hardly call him obsolete.
I can take down golem first @ level 1 and from there kill all remaining spawns on my side of map and be level 5 BEFORE my now 2 solo laneing team mates.
Done successfully this can be a significant advantage although it depends entirely on having a decent team that can hold 2 solo lanes.

I suppose I probably play Warwick different to most, opting mostly for crit chance / crit damage.
Game lasts 35+ minutes and I'm usually running around with 80+ crit % and +105% crit damage.
At this point ulti becomes somewhat obsolete and only used to stun or pounce on running enemies just out of range and to fast for normal attacks.

Team that up with life steal + Q ability and you should be winning EVERY 1 v 1 and alot of 2 v 1's if you get caught off guard.

Warwick built this way is also very effective in team battles as he is generally not a primary target and can run around sniping enemy targets freely.
When was the last time you were expecting a Warwick to hit you for 600+ damage crits @ 80%.

As mentioned before tho falling behind with Warwick is a disaster especially to a clued up team who gank the jungle early looking to shut him down.
1 or 2 early deaths like that can almost screw up the rest of your game.

Tell me I play Warwick wrong or whatever, but what works for me... works for me

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He's pretty underpowered overall though. Jax, and true tanks outcarry him vastly (and have aoe ultis as well as equivalent or better burst damage), master yi severely outdamages him (and runs just as fast), while ashe is just so much better early, mid, AND late (huge CC, better ranged burst, CH rate is incredible). He's average until lvl 12 or so...then his usefulness drops severely.