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Is anyone else majorly disappointed with Dominion?

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Yay, OP and other haters in this thread have UNDER 20 Wins. Once again a hate thread is made to boohoo Dominion and the guy who makes it has no Dominion experience at all and yet likes to type out some post acting as if they do.

I swear I am going to get some friends who do not play LoL or this type of competitive game, toss them into SR for 5 games and have them then write a review of it and how horrible they thought it was. Honestly that is what your doing, you give something no time to learn how to play it and then you act as if you know all about it.

Sad to because many of these "Dominon sucks" threads are still using terribly out dated misconceptions about the game. Sadder still is I would bet my last dollar that if a bunch of the e-fame high elo streamers were all into Dominion and playing it regularly, then all these people would be playing Dominion simply because of that.

Dominion is far from perfect as is SR but they both are a lot of fun and both offer very different appeals and play styles, why not enjoy them both or simply just play the one you enjoy more rather then making hate threads saying something sucks based on your sole enjoyment of SR over Dom??