Missing Ward Skins?

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Rapid Zi

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During the Halloween patch I bought numerous ward skins, including the rp ones. Earlier I had refunded totemic Maoki as well, who I got back :/

My question is where are my ward skins? If necessary id give my Maoki skin back, I refunded it to buy the Halloween one anyway, my biggest need is a refund of the ip and rp I spent on my now non-existent ward skins( im 80 ish off buying a skin) or at least my ward skins back, seeing I was never actually able to use any of them.

Anyone able to help or have an answer to what happened?

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I'm wondering the same thing - I was just looking through the Showdown Snowdown, saw something about ward skins, then remembered, "Hey, I bought some of those during Halloween and haven't used any of them yet...", look in the shop, and no Ward Skins section. I feel jipped because I haven't actually been able to use them either. Riot - got an answer for this? It seems no one else does.

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I bought several weeks worth of Halloween wards skins (Tomb Angel Skin) hoping to use them when I felt like it. Especially since riot specifically ENCOURAGED buying lots of weeks worth of ward skins to be able to use them when they couldn't be bought anymore. I would appreciate a refund, especially since there was no warning saying that the skins would be taken out of the game completely....