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Unbalance Mastery

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I kind of understand that you guys, the riot team, are sort of excited with new mastery like we do. However, don't you think AD dps and so on got buff up too much? I kinda find it doesn't make sense for an AD carry to shine early game till the rest of the game, while AP caster only shine a bit early and mid, then become weaker later on? Also the tank cant do anything early anymore. I know that you guys try to make LoL into fast pace offensive game, but this is a bit too much.

I admit I like the new concept, but I think it kinda ruins the game style that we like so far.
I mean I can feel the different when I play Shyvana today. My damage feel like sion with his Axe skill since level 1, and what would Sion be like with this damage. Wont he be super over powering other champ like before, when sion can two hit people? [havent try sion yet]

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Wrong area of the forums bro