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[Music Tribute journey] Sona & Zilean

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I found something very, very unique while walking around the town of Ionia. There was an old lady, an old stash, a quiet box, and my intrigue. When I opened the box, little did I know...little indeed.


I hope that you like the tune, it is simple crafted. The recording is old because I did not have the required equipment during my journey, and I could not extract this box away from the heart of the city.

I kept walking. I arrived, after crossing the sea, to a desolated place guided by a simple yet endless watcher. The clocktower of Urtistan. I knocked at a dust-covered crystal door, only to find that it was already open. And a man was standing inside the heavy hall, floating, expecting me with his timeless eyes. "I know what you are looking for." he said, "There is not much time".


The quality is better, as you can see. He recorded it himself. His chrono-displasia was still hunting his brain; perhaps he went back to his childhood, or perhaps a child gave this to me. My memory is faltering, I can't remember.

The Sona fanart by Rimevel, the Zilean fanart by Dorets and the music by me.
Have a good journey wherever you go.