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How can you get more team plays in Dominion.

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I was a little skeptical about Dominion when it was first announced but hella excited and once I played it in the very short beta i was in love. I think it's in a really nice place right now as far as the game type but generally as people playing the i feel its lacking.

In the normal game types there is a heavy emphasis on team plays. Once you start getting into the game a lot if not most of your actions in a team fight in normal 5v5 or 3v3 are in anticipation of an ally responding.

But in Dominion all that **** goes out the window. There is less communication in chat, no one is looking for a plan(unless it's the very beginning and somone is telling you how they want to take the windmill) It's very much a team deathmatch.

Does anyone have like specific team strategies for coming back, or gaining control and momentum early or locking down enemy teams?

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If you want teamwork in Dominion, you either have to have a mike and skype/vent, or be able to naturally read the current metagame and the game in play, and react to your teammates presumed thoughts.

Its just too ****ed fast to type anything. It isnt team deathmatch if people know how to read each other. So I learn to get the feel of how willing that malz is to towerdive vs hiemer, before I commit as akali and kill the ^%#%$#. Likewise, malz has to get the feel that I will dive in with him, and not leave him to be eaten by mass turretage whilst I work out why he is diving.