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question for shurelia - Ultimate thread

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ITS Kira:
maybe try not sucking as anivia... if you cant aim a skillshot play ryze. he is where all the bad peopel turn to. well him and jax

yeah, i'm sure the issue is me sucking

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obv you've never played as or with her, because it doesnt work like that

It used to work like that though so it is reasonable that someone who isn't an Anivia player might think so.

Anyway on the theory that Shurelia isn't going to stop by, I figured I would address a couple of your issues.

Mana Issues - yup she has them but that is a major factor in keeping her from being OP. If she were free to use her abilities at will it would be pretty crazy

Q Skillshot - isn't that bad. It is fairly easy to hit with and has a speed consistent with a number of other skillshots like Dark Binding. The main skill with these are predicting what your enemy will do and leading the target. Also remember that you can explode it early to catch someone who is going to get missed by the shot, but will still be caught in the explosion.

Usefulness of Egg - it is a great passive honestly. During the laning phase it makes it very difficult to kill you and during team fights it gives the other team a big incentive to leave you till last. If they focus you down while ignoring the rest of your team they are going to take serious damage and then have you pop back up. You don't directly see the benefit but it is definitely a factor - think of it a lot like Kog'maw's passive in terms of value.

Tower aggro from wall - It does 1 point of damage around it when created. I'm not sure the exact reasoning but I believe this was added to fix some bugs with it. So it is generating aggro by damaging a champ, if no champ is there then you can drop it without aggro.