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Favorite Unconventional Builds?

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Lately i've just been playing dominion casually, experimenting with various unconventional builds.

Of the ones I've tried, so far Aspeed/proc build has to be my fav. I know this build has been done many times with Kog or Teemo, it feels much different on a melee. Although I know this build probably wouldn't yield much success in SR, In Dominion it far exceeded my expectations.

see screenshot of pwnage using this build as WW, I do realize its not THAT unusual of a build, but still, as you can see, even the single game were I was not top 3, I was still 11-3 (not that it's that important) .

I imagine this same build would work well for some others too .. Cho.. Skarner.. Kass.. Shyvana.. irelia all come to mind.

anyways I was just looking for ideas of builds similar to this.. it's always fun to be successful when playing something out of the norm.