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Zoning: Towers Attacking or Defending

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I've been wondering in SR there was the rule\common saying of "Don't push past the river". I was thinking is there any "best" way to approach attacking a tower. I'd expect that each champion may want to be in different zones.

Using Windmill as an example:

Attacking from the top where the health is seems ok but potentially you can get trapped.

Attacking from the bottom opens you up to ganks from the opposing team.

Attacking from the Lane seems ok, but I feel like if you are to close to the bottom the chance for ganking comes up again.(using a clock as a way to describe it, attacking from Left 8-7 o'clock still seems to have a lot of the drawbacks of bottom...)

Then on the defending side, again you may want to defend at the bottom of Windmill to poke. Is there any best place to wait ? I feel like sitting in the tower is sort of a bad idea since it lets your opponent know who/how many are defending.

Anyone else have any idea's about "Zoning" in Dominion?

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Hikaru Genji

Senior Member


Zoning in SR is denying the opponent gold and XP through keeping them away from creeps. "Pushing past the river" is overextending. I think you're confused on terminology.

As for what you're actually asking about:

- Controlling health pack
- Fighting in the middle of your minion wave
- Harassing before engaging

Always good whether offense or defense.

Whether I'm O or D, I harass to weaken the enemy before going all in. Attacking thru the walls at windmill is a common strat. If I'm attacking windmill, I always clear their minions and let my minion wave push to start capping before I engage. And if I'm defending, I always move a little ways out to clear minions so I'm not rushed by minions + champs. The only time you want to stand in the middle of the turret is if there are no minions nearby and you know you're about to be engaged by a stealth champ.