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[YOUSOGREAT FANFIC] The Dragon's Wrath (A Leona/OC-centric fanfic)

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***CHAPTER 6 IS UP!***

I'm normally in the work of making Champion Concepts, but 1Eredale suggested to me that I could also contribute to the community through fanfiction. Well, seeing some great works here (especially Anrel's; I love his Tests of the Mind), and with Riot's implementation of a fanfiction section of the forums, I've decided to throw my hand into the ring.

Let me warn you beforehand: I tend to have gaps between updates, as I'm a bit of a stickler for "wowing myself" when I write my stuff. Plus I still have university-related cr*p that I'm dealing with, so that takes up the majority of my time. As a result, I'll probably take a while to get chapters out. Proper coaxing could make the process go by faster, but understand that I have to prioritize my RL stuff higher than this.

This will be a fanfic that stars my favorite tank, Leona, as well as a few other Champions, but also one of my own Champion Concept creations as the antagonist. I'll be listing a few important things below.

1. I'm going to try to avoid "gameplay elements" when it comes to this story. That means the Champions don't really carry items (like a B.F. Sword or a Rabadon's) besides their own equipment, and the idea of leveling or gathering gold isn't going to be the same.

2. In relation to the above point, the Champions gain power as they continue to fight in the Fields of Justice, restoring themselves to their full strength over the course of the battle (i.e. by killing minions, monsters, etc.). This, IMO, will be the replacement of gold, items, etc.

3. Injuries and such in the story are meant to be a bit more realistic, in keeping with "avoiding gameplay mechanics". As such, certain blows could result in one-hit-kills, and certain Champions are weak/strong against certain types of attacks (i.e. Brand would be weak against Fizz, but strong against Ashe).

4. No, this is not a Shyvana-centric fanfic; she gets a brief role in one chapter early on in the story, but that's it.

5. My Concept Champion, Plagueis the Vile, is MEANT to be blatantly overpowered. That's part of the story, though I won't word it that way. You'll understand as I progress through the chapters.

6. If you want to learn about my Champion, Plagueis, check the link below:
If you want to get an idea of what Plagueis' personality is like, check this Youtube video:

Here's a brief description of Plagueis' personality, though:
[QUOTE]Plagueis has a significant god-complex, and that's putting it lightly. He's a tyrannical megalomaniac with thoughts of world conquest, maintaining his status as THE most powerful being in Runeterra, and on making those who cross him suffer fates worse than death. (Think Megatron from Beast Wars. ) He also has a particular hatred of Leona, since she's the successor to the hero who originally slew Plagueis.

Ideally, I would want Plagueis to be voiced by David Kaye, who voiced Megatron in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines cartoon series. Yeessss...

7. I am very appreciative of any reviews I can get for what I write, even if it is constructive criticism. Please leave comments as you read on through the chapters.

8. Please try to get Ironstylus' attention to this. I know he'll end up liking the story since it stars Leona.
(And Ironstylus, if you read this, please post your comments in this topic so that I can more easily keep track of it. It'd probably get lost easily in General Discussion.)[/QUOTE]

Now, without further adieu, let's get to the story.

Prologue - The Tale of the Destroyer
It was the second age, and Valoran lay under the shadow of a great evil. A shadow cast by a great beast of power. A beast of merciless predations. A beast of unimaginable tyranny.

This is the Tale of Plagueis the Vile, the Dragon of Desolation, as told from legend.

It was over a thousand years ago. The second Rune War was at its zenith, threatening the stability of Runeterra. Yet at its end, all the terrors of the war could not compare to the looming darkness that ebbed from the Ironspike Mountains.

A single peak stood high above all others in the Ironspikes, a peak surrounded eternally by pitch black clouds of ash and smog. It still stands to this day: Death’s Spire. And it was here that Plagueis, known by dragon-kind as Vulfeynnax, "Dark Bane Cruelty", made his lair.

An ancient and powerful Blood Dragon, Plagueis’ thirst for power led him to delve into the darkest recesses of magic, its power flowing through his body unlike any other. His scales were black as night; his breath would burn like acid; his might could topple mountains. Yet such aspects could not compare to his cruelty, his malice, nor his will to dominate all life…

Five long centuries passed as Plagueis made Valoran his domain. One by one, the free peoples of the old world bowed to the dragon, fearing annihilation were they to spur his wrath. Any who resisted, or dared to challenge the dragon, met a fate worse than death at his hands.

Until one day, on a summer solstice, a warrior bearing a sacred sword and shield approached the dragon’s lair, arriving with the rising sun. Even within the darkness of Death’s Spire, the light of the sun seemed to follow the warrior, who shouted of the dragon’s end in challenge.

The Dragon of Desolation rose from his lair, prepared to slay his foe like so many before him. Yet the hero’s shield protected him from the dragon’s dark flames, and his sword scarred the dragon’s scales more harshly than any other weapon could have. But it was light that surrounded the hero that gave the dragon pause.

The advantage shifted back and forth between the hero and the dragon continuously as they battled for what seemed an age. But at the climax of their conflict, the sun shined its brightest, parting the black clouds. In this moment, the hero called upon the very power of the sun. The sun’s rays came down upon the dragon, searing his flesh and bone from the intensity of the light.

A final echoing roar marked the dragon’s end as his body burned to ashes, leaving only bone and decay. Plagueis the Vile was slain.

The hero departed, claiming Mount Targon’s summit as his own. The legend of the hero and his triumph would be passed down from generation to generation.

Yet none returned to Death’s Spire, fearing the evil that continued to permeate the very air surrounding the dragon’s remains…

None… until now…

Chapter 1 - League Judgment: Plagueis the Vile
Death’s Spire still stood as the Black Mountain of the Ironspikes, a black mark amongst the otherwise gray peaks. Thunder and power, however, crashed above the mountain, a phenomenon that had not occurred for over a thousand years.

Summoners and Adjudicators were gathered at the top of the mountain, busily moving and testing various magical apparatuses. Their pace was frantic, for their need was dire. A terrible evil had returned…

A loud bang resounded as a blue portal burst open in the middle of the site. A few of the Summoners and Adjudicators turned to see a violet-haired woman in a similar violet robe step out from the portal, flanked by two bodyguards in shining silver armor. Those who looked closely, however, noticed the look of tension on High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye’s face.

The High Councilor rarely got nervous. Fear was something that impaired one's judgment, slowed one's reflexes, and led many to make poor choices that led to worse consequences. And yet, still, Vessaria couldn't help but be concerned. And afraid…

But how could she not be? It was taking a vast amount of the League's resources simply to keep the dragon barely contained. Blast that s'wit Karthus, she thought. The lich should have known controlling the beast would be impossible! He was now back in the Institute of War to be punished, as much as that would accomplish, while she and at least forty other summoners were now here, in the darkest peak of the Ironspike Mountains, cleaning up his mess! If it hadn't been for Leona…

Vessaria shook her head, her long violet hair now tangling before her eyes. She dared not to think of what might have happened if the Radiant Dawn had not aided them. The worst of this crisis was hopefully past, but a new problem had been made, and it was one she would have to resolve quickly.

Quickly and carefully… very carefully…

She brushed her hair aside, taking on the image of composure and prestige. The High Councilor stepped toward the quarantine zone, her bodyguards at her side. Reaching the entrance, she was approached by Summoner Klavis.

In a concerned tone, Klavis said, "High Councilor, I ask that you not attempt this until we have-"

"We may not have that much time, Summoner Klavis," Vessaria interrupted. "If the dragon breaks free, the destruction he brings may be unimaginable. We must play for time, at least, and this may be the only way."

"Very well, High Councilor. It is in your hands now."

Klavis stepped aside. Vessaria gestured for her bodyguards to remain at the entrance. For this to work, she had to face the dragon alone.

With a deep breath, Vessaria Kolminye entered Death's Spire.


The stench of decay was overwhelming. Vessaria was no stranger to death, but the very air itself within Death's Spire seemed as dead as its current occupant. Nearly choking on the air, Vessaria stepped forward through the darkness, her way illuminated by several torches and glowing crystals.

She emerged in the heart of the lair. A powerful magical barrier had been projected as a dome around a large stone crag. Just outside the barrier, a matrix of inhibitor crystals had been arranged in a hexagram pattern around the lair. From each crystal, a chain of magic extended, with the array converging on a being at the center of the cavern.

Plagueis the Vile lay chained by the matrix of magic. The dragon towered over the High Councilor in size despite his prone position – he was far larger than the dragons that were replicated at Summoner’s Rift. His glowing yellow eyes slowly scanned about his lair, peering at the instruments that kept him contained. His body was in a continual state of decay, for his resurrection by Karthus had brought him into the ranks of the undead, yet not as a servant of the lich’s thrall. Clouds of black smoke ebbed from his maw and from the many holes in his flesh, choking the very air. His black scales, however, still remained upon his body, gleaming like obsidian and harder than diamonds.

This, however, was a welcome surprise to Vessaria. The dragon had finally stopped struggling, it seemed. Perhaps he was tired… No, the undead rarely lost strength, and one as mighty as him would not exhaust his power so quickly, she thought. Yet his gaze... it was one of contemplation. It took only a moment for Vessaria to realize the dragon was scanning for weaknesses in the array. If he found one...

"Petulant sorceress..." came a growling voice, one of hate, malice, and pride. "Your magic will not hold me forever. No..."

It seemed he knew she was watching him. With masterful composure, Vessaria replied loudly, "It seems you've finally decided to settle down, dragon."

The undead dragon raised its head and snarled, "You will address me by my title, human. And you will show me respect when I permit you to speak! Yes...!"

"I did not ask your permission before, dragon, and do not ask it now. Need I remind you of your place in all this?"

Incensed by her arrogance, Plagueis roared furiously, "You will learn your place, WORM!!!"

With a massive gust of blackened smoke, Plagueis shot into the air, the necromantic energies imbued within him powering the flight his tattered and decayed wings no longer could alone. He soared at the unflinching summoner, roaring his prey’s imminent death. He drew closer, and his mouth surged with dark fire as he prepared to incinerate the sorceress.

The matrix intensified, and suddenly Plagueis was wrenched back harshly, the magical chains that bound him holding fast. The dragon struggled and thrashed against the chains that bound him, yet they only served to bring him back to the ground more quickly. Dark neon flames surged from his maw, striking the barrier, which flickered as the magic flowing through it was increased, compensating for the damage.

After a minute, the dragon's struggles stopped, much to Vessaria's unseen relief. The defenses were holding. Her confidence strengthened. It had taken all of her willpower not to even flinch when he flew at her.

"My my, how the mighty have fallen," Vessaria went on, amusement in her tone.

The dragon snarled furiously, unable to fathom the idea that he, the Dragon of Desolation, was being kept as the pet of a human woman! He was greater than the humans of this time, and of any time! He knew it. It was impossible for it to be otherwise. He would not, could not, accept any other possibility, for such did not exist! No!

He was Plagueis the Vile! Terror of the Ironspikes! Rightful ruler of all that lay before him! He had struck fear into the minds and hearts of people across Valoran for centuries! And none could ever challenge his might! Even on that day that upstart Rakkor had sent him to his grave, he had required the intercession of the gods to do so!

Yet he would be free again. Yesss... It was inevitable. And once he was free, nothing would stop him from burning all the land to ashes! Valoran would pay ten-thousand-fold for his thousand years of suffering!

And this sorceress, and the other who bore the Rakkor's shield and blade... she who had called down the very same power as the one who had slain him... they would know endless torment for all of eternity. Yesss...

"Despite what you may think, Plagueis," Vessaria continued, "I had no intention of tormenting you in coming here. In fact, I have a proposition for you. One that, if you accepted, could let you journey from the confines we have placed upon you."

Lying upon the ground, now in a position of comfort, Plagueis said, "Is that so? Hmm... you intrigue me. Those who enter my lair with words have also foolishly brought their weapons in their hopeless attempts at my destruction. Yet instead, you come to me with… a proposition? Well then... speak, sorceress. My efforts to rid myself of your 'confinement' have become... tedious, in any event."

Vessaria smiled. This was going better than she had hoped. She then said, "There is a place where we can make use of your unique... talents, mighty one. Times have changed greatly since you last walked this world. Our kind has worked to eschew destructive warfare to settle our differences."

"And this is of interest to me for... what possible reason?"

"Our conflicts are now settled by Champions in places we call the Fields of Justice. Our Champions are selected from the greatest and most powerful warriors of Runeterra, and I know that you, the great Plagueis the Vile, would be more than qualified to compete in the League."

A moment passed. Then Vessaria heard the dragon's bellowing laughter. It was of great disdain, as though he thought she was joking.

"Why would I, the great and powerful Dragon of Desolation, deign to serve such pitiful cretins as your kind?"

"Because in doing so, Plagueis, you would be able to kill and destroy as much as you please. You would be free to wreak havoc across the Fields, and inspire terror in Valoran's people and the world over. The League contains the mightiest warriors from across Runeterra, and even from beyond our world. Surely defeating them, again and again, you would prove to all that none can match your might."

Vessaria watched as the dragon seemed to contemplate her words. Yet she hid her worry; he wasn't convinced. She'd have to do something drastic.

"This, of course, includes the Solari responsible for aiding your imprisonment. She is Leona, the Radiant Dawn, and she happens to be the successor of the man who slew you a thousand years ago. Surely defeating her in battle would be of satisfaction to you."

This piqued the dragon's interest. A chance to tear that woman, who bore the relics of his hated slayer, asunder time and again? A chance to punish that Solari whelp, to make her cry out in agony, and make her beg for death before him? Yeessss... yesss... It would be euphoria to him.

But something was amiss. This sorceress offered this chance so readily. Plagueis knew these Summoners and their ways; she surely had some hidden agenda. She would not otherwise offer this to him. No...

"I admit, sorceress, your offer intrigues me. Yesss... But what if I should refuse?"

Vessaria smiled. She had him now.

"Then I shall leave, and never return. And you will be trapped here by my associates for all eternity. Slowly you will rot away as the energy that sustains you slowly fades away, until you cannot so much as move, or even die. Your name will pass into history, then into legend, myth, and finally, all memory of you will be lost. You will stay here forever, watching the world go on without you. In time, it will be as if you never existed."

The dragon's eyes widened, if only slightly. Even for one as mighty as him, there had never been anything more unspeakable, more unthinkable than what this human wretch had just outlined. A world where no one feared him? Unacceptable!

"Very well, sorceress," said Plagueis. "You humans indeed, as I believe you say, drive a hard bargain. Yesss..." Spreading his massive wings, the dragon bellowed, "I will grace your 'Fields of Justice' with my presence, and all of Valoran will quake in fear at the very mention of my name!"

"I'm glad we could see eye to eye on this," Vessaria smirked. "I will go now to inform the Institute of your acceptance. I expect you will be called for your first match shortly." As she turned to leave, she added, "Try not to injure yourself too much trying to break free now. It would be a shame if your first performance was... sub-par from overexerting yourself."

The dragon watched as Vessaria left his lair. She was unlike other humans he had ever known. Yesss... Yet even she could not hide it, the fear in her soul. It was, he admitted, admirable that she had kept such a composed facade in his presence, yet he could still taste it, the sheer terror that had stricken her heart.

Yet she knew nothing of terror. No... In time, he would educate her, and she would learn what it meant to trifle with him...


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Chapter 2 - Undefeated

Rumble checked the pressure gauge on Tristy’s hydraulics. The gauge was slowly, but surely, decreasing in pressure; the mech was leaking hydraulic fluid. Probably a line had been cut while he had been fighting Shaco, who now was waiting to be revived.

Great…” Rumble thought, his thoughts echoing in his Summoner’s mind. “Just when I don’t need her to start breakin’ down on me.

What of the rest of your machine?” the Summoner asked telepathically. “Can it still fight?

“No worries,” Rumble said aloud. “You’ve still got lots’a fight left in ya, right girl?”

The mech’s response was a loud sputtering sound from its insides, hardly reassuring to the blue Yordle pilot. Still, he firmly grasped the controls, and hoped that Tristy would hold out until Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune showed up. Considering what he was up against, however, he couldn’t help but have his doubts.

A huge gust of wind blew through the southern half of the forest of Summoner’s Rift. A shadow passed over the Mechanical Menace’s head. The Yordle’s hairs stood on end.

“Oh… nuts and bolts…” Rumble said to himself, his eyes glued skyward at a massive shape.

Rumble watched as the enormous form of the Dragon of Desolation, upon wings of death, banked right in preparation to attack the Yordle and his mech. The dragon’s piercing golden eyes fixated on his foe, who sat surrounded by a mass of metal and various leaking fluids.

Death descends upon you!” Plagueis roared as he began his dive.

The neon flames licking at Plagueis’ maw forced Rumble to steel himself. The front of his mech tilted forward as he activated Tristy’s best weapon: the Equalizer. Multiple napalm missiles launched from the mech’s back and careened wildly at Plagueis.

The dragon did not change his course as streams of dark fire jetted from his mouth. Two of the missiles were caught by the flames and exploded, setting the forest below ablaze for a moment. Another two of the missiles went off course from the blast, crashing into the ground. A fifth missile streaked past the dragon’s right wing, exploding behind him. The sixth and seventh, however, struck their mark, engulfing Plagueis in a cloud of fire.

Rumble smirked as he watched the fireworks… until Plagueis burst from the flames, undamaged, and mad as a hornet.

His face now in stark terror, Rumble raised his mech’s Flamespitter to attempt a hasty defense, hoping to perhaps dissuade Plagueis from his dive. Plagueis was upon him, however, as dark fire rained down upon the Yordle and his machine. Metal began to corrode, and fuel began to blaze as the mech’s instruments screeched of danger.

Rumble knew Tristy was done for. Immediately he reached for a lever below his seat and yanked it, activating the ejector seat. The seat literally shot upward on a spring, a mere second before the mech exploded.

Rumble didn’t even have a chance to watch his mech’s remains, as he turned to see Plagueis flying right at him, his fangs open in anticipation.


Rumble’s panicked cry was cut short as Plagueis’ jaws violently snapped shut, crushing the Yordle. A flash of blue light shot from Plagueis’ teeth, the work of the Summoner’s magic pulling Rumble from death’s embrace.

The Dragon of Desolation slowly floated to the ground, picking at his teeth with a splintered claw.

How bitter… Hmm… and salty…” Plagueis said with a hint of slight distaste as he picked up a broken piece of Rumble’s mech, using it as a toothpick.

Yet as the dragon picked a small tuft of blue Yordle fur from his fangs and flicked away the piece of debris, he jerked back as a metallic hand shot out of the trees and wrapped around his neck. Snarling, Plagueis immediately knew whose hand it had to be, turning to face the Great Steam Golem.

Blitzcrank grasped his right wrist with his left hand, using all his magical strength to try and keep the dragon pinned to the ground. Electricity surged through the arm, channeling into Plagueis. The dragon howled in rage as he pulled against the golem’s might.

Then, as Plagueis turned his head, intending to melt the golem into scrap metal, a torrent of lead bullets began to pepper the dragon’s body. Standing behind the dragon, Sarah Fortune unloaded her twin pistols at Plagueis as rapidly as she could, blasting away at the dragon’s hide. Yet the dragon did not turn; the bullets continually bounced off the black scales, or else were ignored by Plagueis, his attention focused on Blitzcrank.

Grunting as he struggled against Blitzcrank’s grasp, electricity coursing through his decaying body, Plagueis snarled, “Impressive, golem… Yeessss…

The dragon wrapped a massive claw around the long cable that connected Blitzcrank’s hand to his arm, seemingly unaffected by the electrical torrent that surged through him. Blitzcrank’s metal eyes widened in surprise as, suddenly, Plagueis spread his wings and rocketed skyward, pulling the metal golem with him.

As Blitzcrank hung suspended in the air, kept aloft by the dragon’s necromantic flight, Miss Fortune could only watch in a mix of amazement and dread. Then, Plagueis’ fangs dug into the cable, close to Blitzcrank’s hand, and sheared the cable in two, severing the golem from his hand. The metallic appendage released its grip on Plagueis’ neck, and fell toward the ground.

Before the hand could even impact, however, Plagueis swung the half of the cable he still held, still attached to Blitzcrank, and sent the golem careening at the Bounty Hunter.

Miss Fortune could only manage a brief “Oh no…” before the golem smashed into her, sending them both to the ground in a mangled heap. As the dust cleared from the impact, Miss Fortune slowly tried to push herself up, only to realize she was stuck underneath Blitzcrank’s heavy metal body. Her leg was burning from pain, likely broken by the impact. Before she could even try to pull herself free, she felt the ground quake.

The redhead turned as Plagueis’ mouth surged with fire, directed right at her.

“…Why me…?” Miss Fortune whimpered. A second later, she screamed.

Dark flames engulfed the two Champions, sending a pair of blue lights skyward from their bodies, their souls spared. Plagueis did not even watch as his foes burned to a crisp.

Bah… how pathetic…” Plagueis snarled.

“You share my sentiments, Vulfeynnax,” said a female voice from the trees.

Plagueis immediately turned to the voice, anticipating another fight. From the woods came a woman dressed in red armor scaled armor, her skin a dark grey. Her hands seemed to end in claws, fitted to gauntlets that took the image of a dragon’s maw. Her eyes, like Plagueis’, glowed golden.

Shyvana’s true nature immediately clicked in for Plagueis as he gazed at her, for she had referred to him by his Draconic name: Vulfeynnax - Dark Bane Cruelty.

Ah… the tongue of my kind… or should I say, our kind, half-whelp?” said Plagueis. “So you are Shyvana, the so-called “half dragon”, Yeessss…?

“And you are the destroyer my father spoke of. He spoke at length of you, Vulfeynnax. Betrayer. Murderer.”

You do me too little honor, whelp. I was expecting the half-breed spawn of my kind to be more… impressive than this. Not even fit to receive a true Dovah name. No…

“The Champions you have faced up to this point are but specks compared to me. And by the blood of my father, I will end you, Vulfeynnax!”

Plagueis bellowed with laughter at this threat. “Then come, half-whelp, and show me the power granted to you by our kind!

With a shout, Shyvana charged forward as fire surrounded her body. The flames molded as her body began its transformation, wings of fire spreading to her sides as she took flight. Plagueis lifted off the ground as Shyvana collided with him, sending the two tumbling through the air briefly before Plagueis rocketed skyward, breaking the clash.

The dragon Shyvana rose swiftly from the trees, fire still ebbing from her wings and fangs. Her talons locked forward, Shyvana roared for blood as she met the undead dragon head on. As she shoved him further into the sky, Shyvana unleashed a torrent of fire from her mouth, burning Plagueis at point blank range. Growling in anger, Plagueis countered with a slash of his claws, drawing blood from Shyvana. As she recoiled, Plagueis dived at her, grasping at Shyvana’s wings and tearing into her scales as she clawed back. The two descended in a tumble, rapidly approaching the ground as they fought, tooth and claw against scale and sinew, surrounded by crimson and neon fire.

Yet it was Plagueis who landed the decisive blow. Venomous fangs sunk into Shyvana’s left shoulder, causing her to shriek loudly in agony, her offensive halting just as the two struck the ground. The impact sent Shyvana rolling a short distance, knocking over several trees as she hit them.

Plagueis shook his head with a groan of annoyance as he righted himself and turned back to his half-dragon opponent. Shyvana lay on her front on the ground, bloodied and struggling to stand. Fire still ebbed from her teeth, yet it was diminishing.

Simultaneously, the two dragons unleashed streams of fire at one another, the two pillars of flame impacting each other in a clash. Yet a mere second later, it was clear that Plagueis’ fire was the stronger of the two, pushing toward Shyvana rapidly. Despite her best efforts, Shyvana howled in pain as she was engulfed by neon fire, and collapsed to her knees.

Plagueis laughed tyrannically as he walked toward Shyvana on his hind legs, an almost imperialistic swagger in his step. A moment later, as Shyvana turned again to face Plagueis, she was struck to the ground by the dark dragon’s claw, leaving a terrible scar across her maw. Battered and covered in blood, Shyvana’s breathing became erratic as she lay at Plagueis’ feet.

As Plagueis planted a claw down on Shyvana’s back, pinning her to the ground, he said, “You wield the power of our kind admirably, half-whelp. Yeessss… Yet you know nothing of true power. The joor blood that flows through your veins makes you but an insignificant worm compared to me. You are but half-dovah, while I am true dovah!

Shyvana seemed to be attempting to hiss some insult back at Plagueis, yet she could not manage any words so badly beaten. A second later, Shyvana shrieked briefly as Plagueis’ jaws snapped shut around her neck. With delight, Plagueis heard the sickening crack as he sharply twisted his foe’s neck in his teeth.

As Plagueis released Shyvana, her body lay limp on the ground as she vanished in blue light.

A moment later, Plagueis raised his maw to the sky and roared his victory. The battle cry resonated throughout Summoner’s Rift, a dreaded call for the dragon’s enemies.

As Plagueis relished in his success, he heard the faint steps of another approaching figure. Yet he could sense this one – an ally, of sorts. He did not need to turn to see Morgana, the Fallen Angel, approaching him.

“An impressive display, Destroyer,” said Morgana.

Ah… the Fallen Angel,” Plagueis said almost dismissively. “Might I ask why you are not with the Butcher and the Nightmare destroying the enemy’s base?

“You would presume to order me, dragon?” Morgana retorted.

A second later, she quickly regretted her words as a decaying claw swung around and grasped her in its clutches. Morgana gasped for air as the dragon’s hand tightened, lifting her off the ground.

I do not presume! No!” Watching as Morgana struggled to breathe, Plagueis added, “It seems I must remind you that not even the Summoners themselves hold sway over me, even in their so-called Fields of Justice! Yes!

After a moment of gathering what breath she had left, Morgana said, “R-Renekton and Nocturne… have it under control!”

Just then, Plagueis heard the loud shattering sound of the Blue Team’s Nexus breaking apart. The battle was over. The Purple Team was victorious.

So they do,” Plagueis said, releasing his grip on Morgana. The Fallen Angel fell to the ground, gasping for air.

As Morgana lay at his feet, Plagueis roared to the sky, “Victory, once again, is MINE!!!” This cry was followed by the dragon’s tyrannical laughter.

And watching the end of the battle through a crystal, Vessaria cursed under her breath.

Once again, the Dragon of Desolation had emerged undefeated.

Chapter 3 – Awakening
The hospital wing of the Institute of War was usually a quiet place, save for the occasional medical emergency that, once in a while, befell an unfortunate Summoner or two. It stood upon a small cliff that looked to the north, granting those recovering in its beds a beautiful view of the Ironspike Mountains.

Atop of the hospital wing was a large glass dome, kept completely spotless through magic, which allowed an undisturbed view of the horizon from within. The Solarium, originally made as a greenhouse to grow medicinal herbs, had ceased its use in that capacity after various similar facilities had been built throughout Demacia and Piltover. It was now being used for the treatment of a very special patient, who slept in a large bed in the center.

The sun was rising to the east, its rays shining down on the greenhouse dome.

Yet the patient could only toss and turn in her bed. A nightmare plagued her sleep.


Clouds of darkness swirled all around. The woman, blind and frightened, stumbled through the smog, trying to find a light, any light. Her lungs were screaming for air, for the air she breathed in was poison. Her arms and legs continued to weaken. She wanted to cry for help, but her voice had left her.

She collapsed on her knees, barely holding herself up with her hands. She wanted to cry, wanted someone to save her from this darkness that surrounded her.

She heard a breath approaching her. She looked to the source.

She watched as flames of darkness swept upon her, veiling a pair of glowing golden eyes.


Leona screamed as she bolted upright in her bed, the nightmare ending.

A moment of silence passed where the only sound was of Leona’s distressed breathing. A moment later, however, the sounds of chirping birds and gentle breezes could be heard again. Yet Leona’s breath did not slow or lower in intensity.

She placed a hand to her chest, trying to calm herself. She found she was only dressed in a thin, sleeveless amber nightgown, otherwise surrounded by a soft bed of white sheets. She was drenched in sweat.

Light began to sweep over Leona’s body, and she turned to see the rising of the sun. Unlike many who would have been blinded by staring at the sun, Leona was not. Its beaming rays were a welcome sight to her weary eyes.

Her breathing slowed, resuming a normal pace. She glanced around the Solarium, noticing her armor and the Solari shield and sword on a nearby table, neatly arranged and spotlessly cleaned.

Leona placed a hand to her forehead, reassuring herself that it had all been a dream.

But… what was she doing in the Solarium? The last she could remember…

The sound of a door opening caught Leona’s attention. Her eyes snapped to the entrance.

A familiar beaming face greeted her eyes, matched by a similarly beaming voice.

“Leona? Leona, you’re awake!” exclaimed Lux.

Leona could barely react before Lux ran over to the bed and wrapped her arms around her in a bear hug. Her cheeks reddened ever so slightly.

“L-Lux… I–”

“Oh, I’ve missed you so much, Leo!” Lux said rapidly, squeezing the redhead as tightly as she could, more out of happiness than intent. “They said you could’ve been in that coma for years! Thank the light it was only a couple of months! I–”

“Lux, I– wait, what?” As gently as she could, considering Lux’s continued stammering, Leona separated herself from the blonde and asked, “Lux, what did you just say?”

“Huh? I just said it was so droll without you here and–”

“No, before that. How… how long have I been here?”

Lux paused in confusion for a moment, and then answered, “You’ve been here for about two months now. Ever since the incident.”

Something snapped into place for Leona, her mind flashing back to the last thing she could remember before blacking out. A brief gasp escaped her lips as she recalled it.

A dark cave… dozens of Summoners in panic… Karthus restrained by Adjudicators…

The Dragon of Desolation!

Leona’s eyes shot wide open. She scrambled to leave the bed and don her armor, but felt Lux grab her arm before she could escape the bedcovers.

“Leo, what are you doing?” Lux yelped.

“I have to stop him!” Leona answered quickly, trying to pull free of Lux’s grip. She wouldn’t let go. “Lux, let go!”

“Wait, Leona, don’t! It’s alright!”

“But I–”

“Calm yourself, Paladin Leona,” said a man’s voice.

Stopping almost immediately, Leona turned to the familiar voice, one she had heard both in person and in her mind before on many occasions. Standing at the entrance to the Solarium was Senior Summoner Ezekiel Montrose, a well known and respected man at the Institute of War for his impartial, yet understanding nature.

“Summoner Montrose…” said Leona.

“You gave quite a few people in the hospital wing a start, Leona. In fact, I heard that scream all the way in the library.”

“W-What happened to me?” Leona asked. Then, re-realizing what she was doing a second earlier, she asked with concern, “Where is the dragon? Where is–”

“Plagueis the Vile still resides with Death’s Spire. Thanks to your help, we were able to trap him in the barrier matrix. But you overexerted yourself in battling him and, as a result… well, I needn’t explain it. It is passed now.”

Leona breathed a sigh of relief, yet said relief was short for her upon realizing something. She looked back at Montrose and asked, “He is only contained?”

Montrose nodded, clearly in dislike. “Karthus did his work well. The Dragon of Desolation has been all but immune to our attempts to destroy him. And each day that passes, the barrier matrix we have contained him in continually weakens. We’re… not sure how much longer we will be able to hold him.”

Leona’s heart sank. Plagueis, the mortal enemy of her predecessor, returned from death. The Summoners were powerless to destroy him. Even imprisoning the dragon was in doubt?

“There is much for us to explain to you, Leona, but it can wait. For now, I have asked for the Starchild to see that you are well. Please, wait for her here. We will send for you soon.”

After a moment of pause, Leona said, “Thank you, Summoner Montrose.”

As Montrose turned to leave, he gestured to Lux and said “We should be going, Luxanna.”

“Huh?” said Lux. “I wanted to stay here with–”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in a match in about… seven minutes on the Crystal Scar?”

Lux practically jumped in her seat, remembering she had a match to attend to. Garen was going to be on her team for the battle, and he would be furious if she was late again.

“It’s alright, Lux,” said Leona. “You get to your match.”

Lux nodded with slight reluctance, getting to her feet and following Montrose out of the Solarium, leaving Leona alone to wait for Soraka. She fell back onto the bed as exhaustion washed over her; despite her long slumber, she felt completely restless.


It only took Soraka a short while to clear Leona from the hospital wing – not at all surprising to the Rakkorian. The Starchild’s skill with healing magic was second to none. Very little was needed on the part of Soraka’s magic, though she wanted to be sure Leona was in complete health before she allowed the paladin to leave.

Yet now she was suffering from something Soraka’s magic couldn’t help with: hunger.

Dressed in her golden armor, Leona stepped out of the hospital wing, hoping perhaps to appease her stomach at the dining hall. She silently hoped in the back of her mind that there would be some sausages or at least an apple tart left over.

“You took your time, Solari,” said a man’s voice, one she had known since childhood.

Leona turned to Pantheon, his face hidden as always behind his helmet, his spear and aegis in hand. In the halls of the Institute, it wasn’t easy to see his expression; Leona knew, though, that even seeing his face wouldn’t have told her much of what he was feeling.

“To be trapped in such a state for so long?” said Pantheon. “How pathetic. Any true warrior of Rakkor would gladly have chosen death instead of such inactivity.”

Leona frowned, but said nothing in response. Pantheon was saying harsh things, for certain, but she knew it was his way. He was quite the zealot in her eyes, always thinking of warfare; it was why he had been chosen amongst Rakkor’s warriors to be a Champion.

Deciding there was no need to indulge Pantheon, Leona continued past him down the hall. Pantheon merely watched, making a snide “Hmph” as she left.

A few minutes later, Leona found herself outside the Summoning Chamber, a sort of gathering room for Champions who were entering the Fields of Justice. Outside she could hear the cheers and jeers of thousands of people who were in the Arena, where the public could watch the matches magically. From the noise, Leona guessed a match had just ended.

The doors swung open as Summoners and Champions exited, having finished a match. In particular, Leona watched as Sivir stormed out of the chamber angrily, pushing aside Summoners who were in her path in a huff. Clearly she had been on the losing team; she had always been a bad sport when she lost. Judging by her mood this time, however, she had probably just lost a sizeable wager.

“Don’t take it so hard, Siv!” shouted Lux, who suddenly appeared at the doors. “Maybe next time you should try holding back your spell shields until before I fire my laser!”

Leona couldn’t help but laugh at this, unsure whether Lux was insulting Sivir or trying to give her advice. Either would’ve been salt on an open wound.

Hearing her, Lux turned and said, “Oh, Leona! You’re up!”

Nodding, Leona replied, “Soraka says I’m in good health. Though…” Stopping as she put a hand to her stomach, she added, “I wish I could say the same for my appetite.”

Lux giggled as she heard Leona’s stomach growl at that moment, as if on cue. “You’re right. The food at the hospital wing can barely be called that. Come on, let’s go get brunch.”

As Lux and Leona were about to head for the dining hall, the two stopped upon hearing an authoritative voice say, “Luxanna, where are you off to?”

Noticing a look of displeasure on Lux’s face, Leona turned to Garen as he said, “We need to report our victory to his majesty.”

Before Leona could find anything to say, Lux answered, “I’m sure you can handle that by yourself, big brother.” Her tone when referring to Garen dripped with annoyance.

As Garen attempted to say something to his sister, Lux and Leona strode away, leaving the Might of Demacia rubbing his eyes with a groan.


To Leona’s fortune, there was still plenty of food left in the dining hall. She sat across from Lux at a small table near a window, a plate of bacon, eggs and apple slices before her. Lux was in the middle of wolfing down her serving; Leona was always surprised by how Lux had such an appetite, yet still was so much smaller than her.

As she gulped down a sliced portion of her eggs, Lux said, “So there Garen was at the Windmill, about to get swarmed by Evelynn, Sion and Gangplank. Right when he’s about to get his butt kicked by Sion… BLAM! I blasted all three of them with one shot! Teehee, they never saw it coming!”

Leona laughed as she said, “You’ve always been one for making an entrance, Lux.” Then, sighing as Lux quickly gulped down a glass of milk, Leona added, “It’s good to see you. And it’s good to see that things haven’t changed much in two months.”

The paladin turned to look around the dining hall, seeing Summoners in discussion while Rammus sat near the buffet table, feasting on a large quantity of fruits and vegetables. The Armordillo was clearly enjoying his meal, not even noticing the damage his spikes were doing to his seat’s leather cushions.

After a short pause, however, Lux said, “Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s been a real shift in power among the Champions.”

“What do you mean?”

Lux then gestured to the bar section of the dining hall, which was close by. Leona turned to see Graves and Corki, both seemingly drowning themselves in liquor. While this wasn’t completely out of the ordinary for the two, Leona could feel something was off.

She then heard Corki say, “Dang giant lizard. He’s a real Black Baron, that one.”

“I hear you, Cork,” Graves replied in a drunken slur. “Destiny here couldn’t even put a dent in that black-scaled varmint up close.” Then, turning to the barkeeper as he raised a shot glass, he said, “Barkeep, another shot o’ the five X stuff.”

Giant lizard? Black-scaled? What did they mean? They couldn’t have meant…

“Miss Crownguard? Paladin Leona?” said a voice. The two turned to see an Adjudicator, who then said, “The Council wishes for your attendance in a meeting as soon as possible.”

Leona was now quite worried. What was going on?

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Chapter 4 - Situation

The Council Chambers of the Institute of War faintly echoed with murmurs and whispers. The room itself was very dimly lit, and lacked in the way of decoration. Marble lined the floors, walls, and various podiums that the Councilors sat behind in chairs of fine leather and oak.

Leona sat next to Lux in the center of the chamber, the two of them wondering what all the whispers and voices were talking about. Lux, having worked as a spy before her entry into the League, was able to pick up a few of the things the Councilors were saying, but Leona could only hear a few choice words, none of which added up to anything.

Her eyes briefly turned to the robed, skeletal individual who stood, or rather floated, bound inside a magical dome-like enclosure meant to seal away the magic of whoever was within it. Karthus, the Deathsinger, was apparently of importance to the meeting. His presence only increased Leona’s suspicion worry as to what the meeting’s subject was.

She also took a short glimpse at another fellow Champion in the Council Chamber, a Yordle of great renown and greater intelligence: Professor Heimerdinger. She could only guess why the Yordle was part of the meeting.

The bang of a gavel resounded through the chamber, bringing the murmurs silent. Leona looked up to the central podium, where High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye stood.

“Everyone, settle down,” said Vessaria. “The Council is in session. Summoner Montrose, you may begin your briefing.”

“Thank you, High Councilor,” said Montrose, who stood below next to a large glass sphere, much like a seer’s crystal but far larger. It was often used for displaying larger images to the Summoners.

Montrose swept a hand over the crystal, which began to swirl with colors as he spoke.

“Paladin Leona, Luxanna Crownguard, you have been called before the Council due to a matter of dire importance. To start, I wish to bring everyone in this room up to speed on the events that have led us here.”

The Councilors watched as the crystal displayed a series of images, including an image of members of the Adjudicators’ Investigations division, one of Death’s Spire, and one of Karthus performing some kind of magical ritual.

“Two months ago, the Institute of War received disturbing news that Karthus, the Deathsinger, had led an expedition to the Ironspike Mountains. Specifically, his goal was the mountain known as Death’s Spire, the final resting place of the infamous Dragon of Desolation, known to us as Plagueis the Vile.”

Leona’s eyes narrowed. So this meeting was about Plagueis, she thought. Even though she knew most of the details Montrose was describing, Lux apparently didn’t. Either way, hearing all of the details would bring everyone else in the room up to speed.

“Through an analysis of his recent activities at the Institute, the Adjudicators’ Investigation division uncovered evidence that Karthus had been obtaining a large amount of research material pertaining to the Dragon of Desolation, along with a large amount of magical references to necromancy-based works. He had also been using resources from the Institute to obtain various magical items necessary for a powerful necromantic ritual. From this evidence, it was deduced that Karthus intended to resurrect the dragon and enthrall it to his will.”

“How very astute of you, Summoner Montrose…” Karthus interrupted at that moment, seemingly in a satisfied tone. When Montrose turned to him, Karthus added, “Do continue…”

After a short pause, Montrose continued the briefing.

“A force of our Summoners and Adjudicators, accompanied by Paladin Leona, arrived at Death’s Spire via a mass teleportation spell to find Karthus at the zenith of his ritual. While our force succeeded in arresting Karthus and his followers, we were unsuccessful in preventing the ritual from resurrecting Plagueis.”

As she listened, Leona recalled the event quite vividly in her mind.


Black magic stirred violently in the vast cave as the League’s Adjudicators struggled to arrest Karthus’ followers. Leona stood in the middle of the cave, staring with dread at a mass of rising black dragon bones. Two of the lich’s acolytes had been killed, refusing to surrender, while the rest were being quickly rounded up. The lich himself floated in the grasp of two Adjudicator Elites at the head of the ritual circle.

“Fools!” shouted Karthus as he struggled. “The dragon rises, and I must act quickly if I am to subjugate him!”

The Adjudicator Elites refused to listen to Karthus’ demands, intent on keeping him restrained. A moment later, the lich shouted as vile spirits surged around him, their energies blowing his captors back and sending them to the ground.

“Karthus!” Leona shouted as she spun around, readying her blade and shield as she charged toward the lich from the center of the cave.

The lich swung his staff at the paladin, creating a wall of dark magic in her path, too close for her to avoid. Passing through the wall, Leona stumbled and fell to her knee, drained by the energies of undeath. She struggled to stand, trying to shake off the lich’s magic.

Karthus turned back to his ritual, raising his staff and bony fingers to the skeletal form of the dark dragon. The lich began to speak in the tongues of necromancy, uttering words of death as his magic enveloped the dragon. Rotting flesh and black scales were beginning to return to the dragon’s body, creating a skin of decay. The dragon’s body began to seep of a dark, venomous mist. His golden eyes began to glow.

An ear-splitting roar resounded through Death’s Spire as Plagueis the Vile rose from death and spread his wings. All around him, Summoners and Adjudicators fell to their knees in terror at the sound of his voice.

I live…! Yeessss…! I LIVE!!!” Plagueis’ words were followed by tyrannical laughter.

“Indeed, you live, Destroyer,” said Karthus. “You live because I have made it so. And you live to serve me!”

Bolts of psionic magic surged from the lich’s hand, tethering to the dragon’s skull. Plagueis roared in anger, snapping his gaze to the lich.

Serve!? Serve you!? I serve no one, lich! No!

Karthus was astounded. How was he resisting the spell?

“You will obey me, dragon!” Karthus hissed loudly. “I am your master! I gave you new life! I have given you a new purpose!! You will KNEEL to me!!!”

Still, the dragon roared in fury, and writhed violently. On the ground, Leona watched in horror as Karthus struggled to try and enthrall the dragon. Deep down, she knew the dragon would not be controlled.

Suddenly, Karthus yelled as the tethers of magic broke, overloaded seemingly by the dragon. Hissing furiously, the lich turned back at Plagueis, and suddenly his anger was replaced by dismay as flames built in the dragon’s maw.

Plagueis does not kneel. HE CONQUERS!!!

With a roar, Plagueis breathed flames of darkness at the lich. In his shock, Karthus barely was able to raise a wall of bones before him, yet the defense only barely held back the dragon’s fire. The wall exploded, sending Karthus flying back with a yell.

Leona could not see if Karthus had been killed by the blast, but had no time to think about it. As she stood, she felt a cold chill as one of the dragon’s golden eyes turned its piercing stare her way. It saw her armor, golden and glowing brightly. It saw her shield and sword.

Plagueis recognized the weapon and shield immediately.

Snarling furiously, Plagueis bellowed, “Solari hero! Today I exact my vengeance upon you! YEESSSS!!!

Leona quickly raised the holy shield as Plagueis turned to her and his mouth released a torrent of dark flames. Sunlight bathed Leona as her shield opened, its protective magic creating an aura of light around her. She braced as the flames washed over her, devoting all her strength to keeping her footing. The pressure from the dragon was intense; Leona didn’t know how long she would be able to hold off the attack.

The flames stopped, and in a flash the dragon’s fangs rushed at Leona, prepared to crush her. With skill born of her Rakkorian roots, Leona made a single powerful slash of her blade, cutting the dragon’s mouth. Plagueis roared in pain as he reeled back, the sunlight burning his decaying flesh. Yet as quickly as Leona had cut through the dragon’s hide, she watched as the dragon’s flesh began to regenerate. The ritual’s magic was still crackling within the lair, and Plagueis’ rotting flesh continued to grow over his bones.

Plagueis angrily looked back down at his foe. It was at that moment, however, that he saw that he was not facing his old slayer, as he had mistakenly believed. Before him stood a woman, her hair long and amber, and her skin radiant as the dawn. She stood as strong as she was beautiful, grasping the sacred blade and shield tightly.

You are not the Solari hero! No!” Plagueis growled. “What sorcery is this!?

“I am Solari, monster!” Leona shouted. “I am the morning light, come to banish the darkness!”

A moment passed, and then Plagueis broke into laughter. “You believe you can defeat ME, wench? You may wield the relics of the hero who defeated me, but you are nothing compared to him! No!

Plagueis’ mouth flickered with dark fire again, and again Leona readied her shield. But as the dragon prepared to attack, he reeled as magical chains struck his neck, pulling at him and sending his flames off course. Shocked, Leona turned to see the Summoners and Adjudicators, several who released more chains of magic to try and bind the dragon.

“Hold him down!” shouted Montrose. “Leona, now’s your chance!”

Leona nodded briefly. This was possibly her best chance of destroying Plagueis. She sheathed her sword in the shield, combining the two relics. The artifacts began to burn brighter and brighter as she concentrated all of her power into them. Soon the light they emitted began to light the whole cavern, blinding in its intensity like the sun itself.

With a shout, Leona unleashed a ray of light from the relics, engulfing Plagueis in sunlight. The dragon roared in agony and fury as his flesh and scales burned.

But to Leona’s dismay, Plagueis would not die.

You… cannot destroy me! NO!

Plagueis’ flames surged forth, challenging the power Leona unleashed. The two seemed equally matched, but from his position, Summoner Montrose could tell that Leona would not outlast the dragon’s wrath. Something drastic would have to be done.

Turning to two other Summoners, Montrose said, “Vylon, Sandra, help me trap the dragon in a barrier matrix!”

“What!?” said Summoner Vylon. “We–”

“Just do it!” Montrose interrupted abruptly. “She can’t hold him off forever!”

Immediately complying with the order, Vylon and Sandra turned to spread the plan to as many of the other Summoners as they could. Montrose raised his arms as he stood at the perimeter of the cave. He was soon joined by a majority of the other Summoners, all casting the barrier spell in unison.

Leona strained under the pressure of her attack as it clashed with Plagueis’ fire. Her body felt numb and weak; sound began to distort; her vision blurred. She knew she was at her limit.

Blue light suddenly began to encase the dragon in a dome of magic, who roared as he was trapped inside. Furiously he directed his breath at the dome, which rippled as the flames struck it. The Summoners were straining to keep the barrier from breaking. Plagueis writhed in his restraints, furiously trying to break free of the chains that bound him.

Leona staggered as the light faded from her shield and sword. The relics clattered to the ground as she fell to her knees. She heard her name cried out as she fell forward.

And everything went black.


The sound of Vessaria’s voice snapped Leona out of her memory.

“Thank you, Summoner Montrose,” said Vessaria. Then, she turned to Leona as she said, “That information, I’m sure, is already known to you, Paladin Leona. Yet much has occurred over the past two months. After you lost consciousness, the Institute sent a large contingent of Summoners to reinforce your group and assist in containing the Dragon of Desolation. We were able to use an array of Nexus crystals to create a self-sustaining barrier matrix, which the dragon is presently trapped in. Unfortunately, that has only bought us some time.”

“You mean–” Leona started, but stopped as a squeaky voice interrupted her.

“Indeed,” said Heimerdinger. The Yordle hopped up next to the display crystal as it changed to an image of the barrier matrix, with Plagueis in the center. He brought up a small wooden pointer as he spoke.

“As you can plainly see here, the Nexus crystals that compose the primary resonation points of the barrier matrix are showing a gradual, but steadily increasing rate of decay. The Dragon of Desolation continues to recover his full strength while he dwells in his prison, and as he is growing in strength, the rate at which the barrier decays is steadily accelerating as well.”

“What?” gasped Lux. “You can’t be–”

“Please, Miss Crownguard, do not interrupt me,” Heimerdinger snapped curtly. As Lux’s cheeks puffed in annoyance, the Yordle continued, “According to my calculations, given the present rate of decay and the rate at which said decay is increasing… the Dragon of Desolation will be able to break free of his imprisonment within ten days time. That is, give or take a day or two, depending on how much effort he expends.”

This came to the alarm of the Council, as well as to Leona and Lux. To Leona, the thought of Plagueis escaping into Valoran was unimaginable. The sheer destruction that would emerge would rival the devastation wrought by the Rune Wars.

At that moment, Lux then asked, “Wait, Professor, you said ‘depending on how much effort he expends’. What do you mean by that?”

“I will answer that, Professor Heimerdinger,” said Vessaria, who was met by a nod from the Yordle. “What he means is that if Plagueis were to focus his efforts on consolidating his power, his escape could come much sooner. So far we have been able to keep him distracted from that effort, but it has only been so successful in buying time.”

It was at this that Leona suddenly felt a terrible dread. She asked, “How have you been keeping him distracted?”

Vessaria took a deep breath as she shut her eyes, and answered, “By making him a Champion in the League of Legends.”

Leona’s eyes shot wide open.

A Champion!?

Chapter 5 – Decision
“A Champion!?” Leona exclaimed, bolting to her feet. “What possessed you to do something so reckless!?”

All eyes in the Council Chamber turned to Leona, some out of shock, others out of apprehension. A few turned to her as a result of both.

“Calm yourself, Paladin Leona,” Vessaria said commandingly.

Leona’s face was written with righteous indignation, but after a moment she relented and sat back down. Next to her, Lux looked at Leona with concern.

“The decision to make Plagueis a Champion was not made lightly,” Vessaria continued. “It was made, primarily, for two important reasons. The first, which we have already noted, was to keep the dragon distracted from his efforts to free himself. So far, that has at least slowed his progress. The second reason was that, through the League, we hoped that we would be able to find alternative means of neutralizing Plagueis, or at the very least inhibiting his power. However, our assumptions did not go as we had intended.”

Briefly sweeping her hand forward, Vessaria’s magic turned the colors of the crystal, changing its image to moving pictures. Summoner’s Rift came into focus, showing a team consisting of Alistar, Master Yi, Morgana, Kassadin and Vayne all engaged in a five-against-one clash against Plagueis. To the disturbance of those in the Council Chamber, the dragon was clearly winning, quickly dispatching Master Yi with a slash of his massive claws before breathing a wave of fire over Alistar, sending the minotaur to his knees.

“This is a record of one of Plagueis’ first matches in the League of Legends,” said Vessaria. “As many of you know, this has become a sort of standard for any matches in which Plagueis has been a participant. In nearly forty matches now over the past two months, Plagueis the Vile has gone without a single loss, and so far no combination of Champions has even been able to slay him, even in odds such as this.”

Leona could barely believe what she heard as she watched Plagueis swat Vayne aside with his tail, sending her fatally into a wall. Plagueis followed up the kill by breathing dark fire at Kassadin, who barely avoided the attack with his Riftwalk. Kassadin came out of his warp injured, and it only took a moment for Plagueis to catch back up to the Void Walker and incinerate him, despite being struck by a rippling wave of Void energies.

The crystal then shifted to images of more battles, each with Plagueis against at least three or more Champions at a time. In one she saw Jax making impressive blows against the dragon with a heavy steel warhammer, only to be struck aside as Plagueis backhanded him. In the same movement, Plagueis’ mouth released a wave of fire that quickly engulfed Ezreal and Annie.

Another battle came into focus; Plagueis was hot in pursuit of Corki as the Yordle desperately tried to shake off the dragon, his gyrocopter’s engine on fire. The dragon was too fast, though, and merely smashed through the machine and its occupant as he made a beeline for Anivia and Janna, who sent powerful icy winds at the dragon in a combined attack. Though Plagueis showed signs of slowing to the blizzard, he still sent a blast of dark fire to strike down the Cryophoenix and Storm’s Fury, sending them falling to the ground gracelessly.

A third battle was displayed; this time it was on the Proving Grounds, and Plagueis was in a three-on-one battle against the Kinkou ninjas, Shen, Kennen and Akali. Each seemed to move in poetic tandem, their synchrony flawless and their assault relentless. But the dragon would not yield, crushing Kennen first in his fangs before finishing off the other two ninjas, despite how valiantly they fought.

The battles continued to flash before Leona’s eyes, each a palpable display of Plagueis’ prowess and cruelty. Even against some of the mightiest Champions of the League, even against odds that would have overwhelmed any other, Plagueis crushed any opposition before him.

“Not a single loss?” Leona gasped in horror, unable to believe what she saw.

Montrose, realizing that seeing such one-sided devastation was proving too much for the audience, swept a hand over the crystal, dispelling the images. The crystal became transparent again as all color within it vanished.

“I’m afraid so, Paladin Leona,” said Montrose. “We think a few may have come close, but any time the dragon has taken significant damage, he has been able to withdraw. So far, no Champion has been able to slay Plagueis in a match. We have, as such, kept him confined to Summoner’s Rift and only allowed him in exhibition matches, except for that three-on-one at the Proving Grounds.”

“Excuse me, Councilors,” said Lux, “but why can’t you Summoners just weaken the dragon’s power on the Fields of Justice?”

A moment of uneasy silence passed. Lux’s expression suddenly became concerned.

“That is within your power, right?” she asked.

With a sigh, Vessaria answered, “I wish it were, but Plagueis is… formidable in many ways, not just in his power in battle.”

“What do you mean?” asked Leona.

“What I mean is that, so far, no Summoner has ever been able to control Plagueis through a Summoner’s link. No doubt you are aware that sometimes, the link between Champion and Summoner can be temporarily broken, and the Champion’s own will takes over. It’s quite a frequent case with Nocturne and Renekton, but each time we have been able to subdue them through the link. However, in Plagueis’ case, all attempts to subjugate his mind, even with multiple Summoners, have failed.”

Sweeping his hand over the crystal again, bringing up new images of the hospital wing of the institute, Montrose said, “A few of our Summoners have tried more… risky methods in attempting to link with the dragon. As you can see here, none of them have found success.”

The images in the crystal showed several Summoners in beds, clearly suffering from some mental trauma. Some screamed incoherently, some appeared completely brain-dead and merely drooled mindlessly, while a few others twitched and spoke in tongues. It was almost comparable to the madness Nocturne had brought forth before being trapped by the League.

“But if no one is controlling him, how is he able to keep manifesting himself on the Fields of Justice?” asked Lux.

“A good question, Lady of Luminosity,” said Montrose. Then, turning to Vessaria, he asked, “High Councilor, if I may.”

“Go ahead,” Vessaria answered.

As the images in the crystal vanished again, Montrose began.

“We believe that the Dragon of Desolation is knowledgeable, and perhaps even highly experienced, with our Summoning magic. He knows of its complexities, how to use it, and likely how to counter it. While the Summoning process allows him to manifest himself, he should not be able to control his avatar if the Summoner’s link is disrupted, at least not in the ways shown. We believe, however, that he knows of a way to control his avatar with his own power, even from within his prison. His avatar cannot leave the Fields of Justice, of course, but he is in complete control of it, as if he himself were a Summoner. This is also the likely reason as to why we have not been able to restrict his power.”

“I see…” said Lux. “But from what I’ve heard, in each match he’s been in, Plagueis always spends the first thirty minutes of a match in his team’s base. How is he able to become so powerful like that, when anyone else would be extremely weak?”

“We believe that he is fueling power to his avatar via his own link to it, allowing it to build up strength without needing to use the standard methods. We suspect it takes time, but he has been shown to fight prematurely if his opponents quickly reach his base, and still shows great power.”

Vessaria then said, “In light of this, we made special arrangements for summoning Plagueis to the Fields of Justice to avoid endangering any more Summoners. A special Nexus crystal is being utilized for each match that Plagueis seems to use as a conduit between himself and his avatar, allowing him complete control over it.”

Leona was having trouble believing all she was hearing. How could Plagueis be so powerful as even to defeat and control the link between Summoner and Champion? Leona wasn’t very knowledgeable about magic, but even she knew it was near-impossible to overpower a Summoner in such a link.

“Surely there has to be something you can do?” said Leona with worry.

Vessaria sighed. “I’m afraid our options are becoming limited. Reports from Death’s Spire have shown Plagueis is becoming quite restless. Rather, we think he is becoming… bored of the League. This is something we hoped to avoid, as he may well turn his attention back to consolidating his power. It has become increasingly difficult to convince the dragon to fight in matches. I was hoping his last match against Shyvana would be more successful, but he proved far too strong for the half-dragon.”

Vessaria sighed again as she rubbed her eyes with one hand. Telling so much bad news wasn’t something she liked, but it had to be said.

“Right now the majority of our efforts are in trying to find ways to either weaken the Dragon of Desolation to a point where we can control him, or making improvements to the barrier matrix that imprisons him. I believe Summoner Verge had something he wished to say about his research on the latter manner.”

“Thank you, High Councilor,” said a male Summoner. He was lean and elderly, but still showed a kind of sharpness in his eyes and gaunt face.

Standing from his chair, Research Summoner Verge said, “My department has made a rather interesting development on the issue of the Dragon of Desolation’s prison. We have made a prototype of a new light-based matrix that we believe would not only be able to imprison the dragon more strongly, but could also continually weaken him in his prison. If we were to implement it, we may be able to imprison him for years, if not decades.”

“What? Then why don’t you use that already?” asked Lux.

“It’s not that simple. To implement this new barrier matrix, we would need to lower much of the present one for an extensive period of time. Doing so would easily allow the dragon to escape, and our efforts would be for nothing.”

“We think that in order for this to work, we would need to significantly weaken Plagueis, to such a point that we could restrain him while implementing the improvements,” said Montrose. “Unfortunately, that would mean fighting the dragon in person, and that could prove disastrous.”

Then, as he scratched his head, Heimerdinger said, “Hmm… High Councilor, if I may make a suggestion?”

“What is it, Professor?” asked Vessaria.

“I believe that the aforementioned link between the dragon and his avatar may be the solution we are looking for. I hypothesize that controlling such a potent avatar must require a direct connection to the dragon’s own power. If his avatar were significantly damaged, or perhaps even destroyed, it could cause a sort of feedback effect that may cause harm to the dragon.”

“You mean to say that if someone could succeed in killing Plagueis on the Fields of Justice,” asked Montrose, “it might give us the window we need to implement the improvements to the barrier?”

“Indeed. However, I cannot be 100% certain of this. It is merely a hypothesis.”

“It is a sound theory, Professor,” said Vessaria. “However, I don’t think we would be able to exploit such a possibility. If that were true, Plagueis could simply sever the link to his avatar if it were in danger of being destroyed. That would prevent such a feedback effect from occurring. Also, there is the matter of even getting Plagueis to fight in another match.”

The Council was soon engulfed in murmurs. Some felt the plan was a good one, but many others had more than a few reservations about it. It was clear they were not about to come to an agreement over it.

It was at this moment that Leona stood.

“Then I will face him.”

All eyes in the room suddenly turned toward her. The murmurs suddenly became a great deal louder, the voices turning to deep concern and confusion.

“High Councilor,” Leona said bravely. “Let the Dragon of Desolation know that I challenge him to battle! I will face him on the Fields of Justice, and I will slay him!”

For a moment, Vessaria said nothing, staring incredulously at Leona. Next to the paladin, Lux looked up at Leona with a mixture of pride and concern.

Then, Vessaria said, “That, Paladin Leona, was something I was hoping to avoid.”


“Plagueis has been demanding to face you as of late. Yet I am of the concern that if he were to face you, and if he were to defeat you, it would only embolden him to breaking free of his prison. He would know he could destroy you.”

“But you said it yourself: he demands to face me, and you cannot convince him otherwise to fight in the League. How would he be able to resist facing me?”

Vessaria couldn’t find anything to say. She knew Leona wasn’t going to back down from this.

Continuing, Leona said, “And my power may be the one thing that can defeat him. You saw it yourself, Summoner Montrose. The light I used against him; he is weak to it!”

Montrose nodded, remembering how Leona’s power had harmed Plagueis during his revival. She had a valid point.

“Time is of the essence, is it not? Can any of you Summoners suggest another course of action? No? Then I will face him, whether on Summoner’s Rift or in his very lair!”

“Leona!” Lux gasped, surprised to see such determination in her friend.

As the Council’s murmurs continued, shocked at what Leona had said, Vessaria sighed and replied, “Very well, Paladin Leona. We will make the arrangements. In one week’s time, we will hold a special exhibition match on Summoner’s Rift. In the meantime, Summoner Verge and his research staff will begin preparing this new barrier matrix.”

“Thank you, High Councilor,” said Leona. “I will not fail. I promise you.”

“You’ve got that right!” Lux said suddenly, to Leona’s surprise. “High Councilor, I wish to take a place on Leona’s team in her upcoming match against Plagueis!”

“W-What!?” Leona gasped, dumbstruck by Lux’s proclamation.

“Very well, Luxanna Crownguard,” said Vessaria. “You will be aiding Paladin Leona in her task to defeat the Dragon of Desolation, one week from now. I will notify you both of your other teammates and of your opponents in the upcoming battle.” Banging her gavel, Vessaria declared, “This session is adjourned.”

Leona didn’t even notice as the Summoners and Councilors got their things together. She was only focused on Lux. The paladin’s face was stricken with disbelief.

Noticing, Lux asked, “What?”


The Councilors walked in a mass of cloaks and papers as they left the Council Chambers. None turned to see Leona now beginning to argue with Lux.

Yet in the crowd, obscured by illusion, Leblanc the Deceiver watched as the Lady of Luminosity and the Radiant Dawn began to object to one another. None noticed her, nor the devious smile across her face.

“Well now… How interesting…” Leblanc cooed.

Without even a whisper, the Deceiver vanished.

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Chapter 6 - Compassion (NEW!!!)

A series of plucking strings and otherworldly notes set the tone in the ballroom of the Institute of War. Though the floor was dimly lit, the stage was bright as all eyes gazed upon the Maven of the Strings as she played her sonata. Sona’s eyes were shut as her fingers moved instinctively across her etwahl, never missing a note as violins and violas joined her in concert.

Seated at a table in the back, Lux regretted how, at the moment, she wasn’t able to enjoy the music. Across from her, Leona sat with a look that mixed severity and worry.

After a moment of awkward silence between the two, Lux groaned as she said, “Why are you so against this? I want to help you beat him, so why are you turning me away, Leo?”

“Lux, you have no idea what Plagueis is capable of. You’ve never faced him on the Fields of Justice, and for that I am grateful. I don’t want you to experience such a horror.”

“Oh come on, Leona. It’s a League match; no one ever really dies in those.”

“That’s not the point!”

“And I’ve been studying all the records of Plagueis’ matches for the past few days. Leona, I know what he’s capable of, and I–”

Nearly shouting as she rose up and slammed her hands on the table, Leona said, “No, you don’t! You weren’t there when that monster was brought back to life in Death’s Spire! You’ve not felt the full force of his hatred, even while his power is constrained in his prison! You–”

Leona stopped as she suddenly realized just how loud she was. She turned to see that the audience had turned its attention to her, displeased stares across their faces. The room was silent; Leona looked up to see Sona had stopped playing, giving the paladin a stern glare. She played a few unpleasant notes, clearly asking that Leona not interrupt her.

“Ah… I… I apologize, Miss Buvelle…” Leona said gloomily. Then, striding away from her seat, she said shakily to Lux, “I-I need to clear my head.”

As Leona left the room, the mood in the ballroom seemed to turn somber. Sona’s fingers returned to her etwahl, but they had abandoned the more joyous tune she had been playing earlier. Her new song was now one of solemnity and mystery, as if she too were as confused as Lux was.

Lux couldn’t understand it. Why was Leona being like this?


Apprentice Brelyna couldn’t help but be nervous whenever she walked down the caverns of Death’s Spire. The inexperienced Summoner, who had been assigned as a liaison for the League to the Dragon of Desolation, took slow, shaky steps as she approached the dragon’s lair.

It wasn’t just the enclosed tunnels, barely lit by small glowing crystals, which made her uneasy. The black trails of smoke that wafted through the air, making it difficult to breathe, deepened the claustrophobia, despite the protection Brelyna had been given for her lungs – a small charm that would protect its wearer from various poisons and airborne toxins. She wouldn’t be poisoned, at least, but that barely helped things. No, the miasma was hardly the worst of it.

It was the sheer pressure. Despite not even being near him yet, Brelyna could feel the power that radiated from the undead dragon, even within the barrier. It made her every step feel like a hundred, every breath she made labored. It was unlike anything else she had felt in her life.

And yet she was rapt by the sensation. The fear, the malice, the power… it was incredible. Of course, she was afraid, but at the same time was enthralled by a strange admiration as she took her steps.

At last, she saw the blue glow of the barrier matrix, even through the miasma that choked the air of Death’s Spire. And within, she once again laid her eyes on the being she could not help but revere.


He could feel her presence. Her fear was palpable, but her mind rapt with worship. Yeessss…

Plagueis raised his head as he turned his gaze to the young apprentice Summoner. Bereft of a hood, Brelyna’s youthful face made it obvious that she had to be somewhere in her early-twenties, if even that. Her brown hair was tied in braids on each side of her head, both hanging in front of her ears. Her blue eyes were behind a round pair of glasses, which did little to make her attractive. She gave off the image of a scholar or librarian more than that of a Summoner.

Ah, the Apprentice,” Plagueis said dismissively. “Come to implore my presence in another disappointing battle on the Fields of Justice?

“Y-Yes, my lord Plagueis,” answered Brelyna, her voice a high pitch, her stammering betraying her fear.

Plagueis simply scoffed at this. Another day against such weaklings the League called ‘Champions’…

With a short ‘gulp’, Brelyna said, “My superiors, under the directive of High Councilor Kolminye, have asked me to inform you that in five days time, you are to be participating in an exhibition match on Summoner’s Rift. I-I am simply here to m-make sure th-that you…”

Brelyna stopped as Plagueis began to crawl on all fours toward her, his head lowered toward the ground so as to obtain the greatest slack from the magical chains binding him. Brelyna trembled as the dragon’s glowing golden eyes met her quivering blue ones.

You may return to the sorceress Kolminye, Apprentice, and inform her that I have no interest in her ‘Fields of Justice’ any longer. No… She has done little besides dissatisfy me, and there is nothing more she could offer me that I cannot simply take.

Brelyna stayed glued to the spot as Plagueis turned away from her. As the dragon returned to his former perch, Brelyna said, “B-But my lord, I-I was given v-very specific instructions to see that you–”

Did I make myself unclear!?” Plagueis snapped, causing Brelyna to squeak in fright and accidentally knock her glasses off her nose. As she scrambled to replace them before her eyes, Plagueis added, “I have faced the so-called best that your League has been able to offer, and time and again I have cast them down! I have bested not only the League’s Champions, but their Summoners as well! None can match my power, and still that woman believes she can manipulate me!? Return to her, Apprentice, and inform her that my return to power is nigh, and that she will soon suffer my wrath when I am free from this cage! Yeessss!

Straightening her glasses, Brelyna could now clearly see the anger that was beginning to boil within Plagueis, his mouth now flickering with neon fire as he snarled. She had seen the dragon’s anger before, and it had before sent her fleeing his presence screaming, but she had now the experience to hold her ground, if only for a little longer.

Despite the black air around her, Brelyna took a deep breath and said, “My lord, I must inform you that your opponents are being led by Leona, the Radiant Dawn.”

Plagueis’ golden eyes shot wide open. “What did you say?” the dragon snarled, slowly and with force behind each word.

Gathering what confidence she had left, Brelyna proclaimed, “Paladin Leona, the Radiant Dawn, has challenged you, Lord Plagueis the Destroyer, to battle on the Fields of Justice!”

Brelyna’s confidence suddenly vanished as Plagueis snarled eagerly, releasing dark fire from his mouth as he roared, more out of anticipation than any desire to kill. She shrieked as the flames struck the barrier matrix a few inches from her, sending her tripping back and falling to the floor on her rump. As she gingerly rubbed her behind, Brelyna felt the ground quake as Plagueis landed near her, the magical chains nearly at the end of their length.

As Brelyna trembled before him, Plagueis bellowed, “So, the Solari wench has finally crawled from whatever gutter she has been cowering in! And she has dared to challenge my power?!” With another relished snarl, Plagueis continued, “I have awaited the chance to tear that upstart woman limb from agonizing limb for far too long. Yeessss…

Brelyna was now in a nearly panicked state, scrambling back on her hands to try and distance herself from Plagueis. Yet she could clearly see the keen anticipation brewing in his gold eyes, something she hadn’t seen in a good while now. It was a rather disturbing visage for the dragon to take.

The Radiant Dawn will rue the day she was ever born when I lay my vengeance upon her!” Standing on his hind legs as he spread his massive decaying wings, Plagueis roared, “I accept her challenge! I will enter battle with the Radiant Dawn on Summoner’s Rift, and her wretched life will end within my fangs! YEESSSS!!!

As the dragon let forth an ear-splitting roar for battle, Brelyna shrieked again as she scrambled to her feet and fled the dragon’s presence.



Leona stopped in place as her eyes briefly shot open as a chill ran down her spine. She had no idea what had caused it, but it chilled her soul as much as it did her body.

Her defensive stance loosened ever so slightly. It was the mistake her sparring partner had been waiting for.

With a loud yell, Pantheon leapt forward at Leona, the paladin realizing her error too late. The Aegis of Zeonia lashed out, sending Leona’s holy blade from her grip before striking her midsection. Leona yelped as she tripped backwards, falling to the floor of the training grounds. The Artisan of War’s spear was at Leona’s throat before she could move.

As his weapon hovered perilously before Leona’s neck, Pantheon said irritably, “Such a sloppy stance, Solari. Were this a true battle, you would be dead by now.”

“I… I’m sorry…” said Leona, returning to her feet as Pantheon stepped back from her, the two reassuming their combat stances.

“You allowed yourself to be distracted. Do you expect to defeat a foe as mighty as the Dragon of Desolation…”

Pantheon suddenly jumped toward Leona, so she prepared to block his shield. At the last second, however, Leona realized Pantheon’s feint, and barely deflected a thrust of his spear with her blade.

“…when so unfocused!?” Pantheon shouted, swinging his spear sideways to strike Leona’s sword arm, bludgeoning it rather than cutting. Leona grimaced from this hit, but quickly recovered, blocking a slashing swing from the spear with her shield.

“What do you mean?” Leona asked quite icily. Pantheon had been testy with her that day, and she knew he meant something by it.

“I speak of you and the Lady of Luminosity. Your concern for the girl has made you weak!” Pantheon’s spear clashed with Leona’s shield as he said, “You believe she is not meant to face the dragon as you are meant to!”

Pushing hard, Leona thrust forward, throwing Pantheon back. Reassuming a defense, Leona said, “She isn’t, Pantheon! She doesn’t know what it’s like fighting Plagueis! You’ve faced him in battle; you know how it would affect her! He’s not like other Champions!”

Pantheon’s eyes narrowed with anger. True, he had faced Plagueis on the Fields of Justice, and he had lost. Leona, however, seemed to know that battles against Plagueis normally had an aftereffect on the Champions and Summoners involved. It varied between the Champions and Summoners alike, but generally the victims were left scarred by the experience, something that normally did not happen after League matches. Many of the Champions were able to cope with this, but a few came to fear the dragon’s brutality.

Pantheon, however, was not one to fear Plagueis.

“You believe I was somehow weakened by my defeat at the dragon’s hand?” Pantheon asked harshly. “I am not so feeble as to be broken by one loss against a powerful opponent! Rather, I would gladly face him again in battle were I given the chance!”

“You live for war, Pantheon! It’s all you think of!” said Leona. “But Lux isn’t like that. She’s pure, virtuous, and kind. Plagueis will prey upon her for that! It’s my duty– no, my responsibility, to face Plagueis, not hers!”

“…How pathetic!”

Pantheon charged toward Leona as she readied her blade. To her surprise, Pantheon leapt up and hurled his spear at her, slicing her right cheek as it sailed past. Caught off guard, Leona yelped as Pantheon’s aegis smashed her head, sending her falling to the ground in a short spin. Her sword and shield flew from her hands. The taste of blood filled Leona’s mouth.

Grasping his spear, Pantheon said, “You still think it is your duty to protect everyone, don’t you? That you and you alone hold power upon who lives and who dies!? How na├»ve. Did you learn nothing from the Rite of Kor? Or are you planning to repeat with the Crownguard girl what happened to everyone else who died that day?”

Leona’s eyes shot open, and then narrowed with anger. Pantheon had gone too far, bringing back such horrible history. She had lost so many friends that day, and Pantheon spoke so callously of their sacrifice?

“If that is so, then I will need to give you a much more painful reminder, Leona!” Pantheon shouted, raising his spear for the finishing blow.

“SHUT UP!!!” Leona yelled as she swung a fist to Pantheon’s head, the blow causing Pantheon’s head to ring like a gong.

A second fist from Leona connected with Pantheon, along with several more blows before Pantheon attempted to counter her strikes. Yet her assault was relentless; any of her usual desire to simply fight in defense had seemingly vanished, replaced by a righteous fury born from the burning power of the sun within her.

A final blow sent Pantheon to the ground, his helmet given a large dent by Leona’s last punch. Leona stood before Pantheon, her breaths long and heavy. The gauntlets she wore were coated in Pantheon’s blood, with spattered amounts across the rest of her golden armor.

As Pantheon looked up at Leona with a groan of pain, Leona said angrily, yet calmly, “I’ll not let you speak so cruelly of the friends I lost that day. And I will NOT let Plagueis hurt Lux. I swear that on my life.”

Pantheon said nothing as Leona turned away from him, reclaiming her sword and shield before leaving the training grounds. One of the nearby League healers ran up beside the paladin to tend to her wounds, yet Leona paid the cleric no heed.

“Still you refuse to accept your limits, Leona…” Pantheon scoffed.


In more ways than one, Lux was hot underneath her skin, and not just from her feelings about Leona at the time. The hiss of water on burning coals and the quick clouds of steam that filled the air made her sweat terribly. But then again, she wouldn’t have come to the Institute’s bathhouse saunas if she didn’t want to be sweating.

Lux’s cheeks couldn’t help but be a slight shade of red at the moment, partly from the steam, but also due to her only having a white towel covering her otherwise nude body. It was a women-only sauna, but she was sharing it at the moment with two women she had her doubts over. Both also were covered by their towels out of surprising decency, something Lux hadn’t expected from the Nine-Tailed Fox or the Bestial Huntress.

Lying on her generously-sized chest, Nidalee purred as the steam washed over her body, enjoying the sensations of her every pore being cleansed. Even though she was used to getting dirt and grime all over her body, the jungle woman enjoyed a clean body as much as anyone else. The same could easily be said for Ahri, who sat to Lux’s right as she rubbed herself with a moisturizing tonic, which according to her made her skin as soft as a baby’s. Her many tails weren’t receiving quite the same treatment as her skin from all the steam, but Ahri always took care of such a detail after the fact.

Lux did her best not to stare. She couldn’t help but be a little jealous of her two counterparts’ perfectly-shaped bodies, especially their breasts. Lux was always small compared to many of the other League women, and it didn’t help that a lot of them chose to flaunt their cleavage in public, as well as on the Fields of Justice. Ahri was incorrigible when it came to the subject, often teasing male and female opponents alike with her ample chest and flawless curves. The whole thing made Lux feel inadequate by comparison at times.

“Something on your mind, little Luxy?” said Nidalee, slightly startling the blonde.

“Wh-What? Oh, no, nothing! Nothing at all, Nidalee!” Lux answered quickly, and highly unconvincingly.

“Hmm-mmm, that doesn’t sound like ‘nothing’ to me,” Ahri said playfully. “Oh, don’t make that face; you’ll get wrinkles.”

After a quick groan, Lux sighed and said, “It’s Leona. I want to help her in her upcoming match, but she keeps telling me to stay out of it. I keep telling her she needs all the help she can get, but she won’t listen.”

“Ooh, that doesn’t sound like our sunny Leo, now does it?” Ahri said with a giggle.

“I dunno why she’s being so difficult about this! I can handle myself in a fight; she knows that! She’s never turned down my help before when it comes to a League match, so why now?”

“Hmm… Maybe it has something to do with how you’re so much smaller than she is, Lux~♥” said Ahri, her voice taking a singsong tone.

“What do you– KYAA?!”

Lux gasped loudly as, without warning, she found Ahri’s hands were now wrapped around her still-covered breasts, playfully rubbing them through her towel.

“Ahri, wh-what are you doing!? EEK!” Lux made a short yelp as Ahri pinched her.

“Mmm… Me~owww…” Nidalee purred, enjoying the sight.

With a playful giggle, Ahri said, “I have to say it: Leona’s got a nice body, but I think you’re so much cuter than she is, Lux.”

“Ah-Ahri, stop it!” Lux squeaked, trying to squirm away from the fox as she groped her. The fox ignored her pleas, continuing to run her hands over Lux’s body in a seductive manner.

“Oh, you look so adorable when you’re blushing!”

Lux couldn’t even protest coherently at this point, reduced to flustered stammers and squeaking. Her cheeks had turned a bright red, both from the caresses Ahri was giving her and the suggestive looks Nidalee was now sending her way. Ahri’s many tails were now brushing over Lux’s arms and legs, adding to the sensuality of the moment.

Lux suddenly felt Ahri reach for her legs. Shrieking, she struck the fox with an elbow and pulled away from Ahri, covering herself with her arms as she fixed the position of her towel.

“Knock that off, Ahri!” Lux snapped, her cheeks burning from shame.

“Aww, I was just teasing, Lux~♥” Ahri said dejectedly, batting her eyelashes at the blonde.

Groaning, Lux added, “You’re as bad as Leo is right now. Neither of you are taking me seriously.”

“She just cares about you, Luxy,” said Nidalee. “She’s like a lioness looking out cubs. They look after their young even once they’re of age to start hunting so they won’t run into trouble. Leona’s probably just worried that you’ll get hurt fighting that monster, beyond just getting killed in a match.” Then, in a more serious tone, Nidalee added, “Just thinking about my last battle with him is putting my fur on end.”

“I know what you mean,” said Ahri. “I’m used to men staring all day at me, but that dragon's gaze just… made my skin crawl. And even though I’m used to the occasional losing match, losing to him just… just feels terrible.”

“I’m not worried about Plagueis defeating me,” said Lux. “I want to do my part and help Leona defeat him. If I have to go down in that match to let Leona defeat Plagueis, then so be it!” With an enthusiastic fist-pump, Lux declared, “I won’t let Leona lose, no matter wha– GYAH!”

Again, Lux found herself in Ahri’s clutches as the fox once again began to fondle her.

“Oohhh, you’re so cute when you’re like this, Lux~!” Ahri squealed in delight, wrapping her tails once again around Lux’s body in an erotic massage.

“Ngh! Ahri, cut it– AAH!”

Smiling with satisfaction, Nidalee purred, “Mmm-hmm, thatta girl. Give him one for me while you’re at it, alright?”

As Lux opened her eyes to look at Nidalee, she suddenly found the huntress’ face right before her own, a devious grin across her face.

“Here’s one for luck, mousey,” Nidalee said, suddenly moving forward and wrapping her lips around Lux’s mouth.

Lux was caught completely off guard by Nidalee’s seductive maneuver, too distracted by Ahri’s playful groping. It wasn’t her first kiss, thankfully, but she had never done something like this, let alone with another woman. Even with the heat of the sauna already making her sweat, Lux felt her body begin to burn inside, either from passion or humiliation.

She hoped Ahri and Nidalee would stop soon, or she feared she would die of embarrassment before she had the chance to fight on Leona’s side.

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O.o why couldn't they just send out jax to beat him up? of course with a real weapon

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O.o why couldn't they just send out jax to beat him up? of course with a real weapon

That will be explained in the future, but to give you an idea of why not: Plagueis is so overpowered (in my story) that he's able to fight 4-to-1 odds and WIN. Because he's an undead dragon and was practically god-like in life, he's pretty d*mn hard to kill conventionally, if not impossible to kill conventionally.

Plus, you could say that the League is constrained by its own rules.