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Low Level Sion AP/DPS/Tank

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Hey guys,

I am lvl 11 and I have got to liking sion in the free rotation and I am considering seriously buying him. I have been building him below.


Red - Magi Pen
Yellow - Mp regen/level
Blue - Cooldown
Purple - Flat Health

Dorans Shield
Aegis (Health Stone/ then depends on lane whether MR or AR)
Frozen Heart/Forces of Nature (depending on team)
Starks/Trinity Force.

I have a 8/1 win/loss with this build.

I am trying to switch it up a bit because I have not seen anyone else talk about this build. People talk about AP or DPS (I really thought Sion was a tank). I have tried out both on practice and AP won hands down.


Lich Bane
Rod of Ages

DPS (Critical)
Exec Calling
Phantom Dancer

Now these are coming from Bot practice games but the reason I think that DPS/Crit was a lot weaker is because I am low level, so I didn't have the critical runes to back it up. Both of these builds came from Leaguecraft, whereas the build I have been running is a modified Nasus tank build. But as I have said above it seems like most people don't build Sion very tanky and rely on his enrage ability to get health (although at lot of guides leave it at level 1, except Crit build.)

Can someone please give me some advise on what would be best to build for Sion to be viable at low levels and when I should switch (if necessary).

Also Sion has is not feature very highly in many tier lists, and I know a lot of people say that tier lists are dumb and it is the player not the champ, but If someone could explain why he is not viable in top tier games that would be good also.

P.S - I am 21wins - 11 losses approx.

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Tank Sion is perfectly viable, he's just not preferred compared to many other tanks who have stronger tank abilities. His initiation isn't the strongest, but the low cooldown on his stun is extremely useful in a team fight where he almost always has time to stun at least twice, sometimes more depending on length of fight and cooldowns.

Sion is almost always a hybrid of some kind. He can do powerful magic damage and has inherently high physical damage once you put any points in Enrage.

I recently played a game as Sion-tank where I built Catalyst, Giant's Belt -> Sunfire, Banshee's Veil and was largely unkillable while still doing enough magic and physical damage that I couldn't just be ignored. I could 1v1 against the enemy Kayle and Tryndamere, who I obviously had trouble killing if they were paying attention, but they always had to run from me, not the other way around. (One level of stun, maximum levels in Enrage to build up health.)

Nearly any kind of Sion should strongly consider starting with Sapphire Crystal. Anyone but a tank should probably build that into Sheen right away (mix in basic boots somewhere).

The lack of Sheen from the physical DPS list above is a serious lack as it adds a ton of damage (and eventually build it into Triforce, but there's no rush). That build list also feels like it should have more attack speed and critical chance up front (more than just Zeal) because Sion has innately huge damage. Of nearly all DPS champs, Sion needs a BF less than most (he gets more than a free BF sword from Enrage!) Something like Stark's or Last Whisper (or just a bare Recurve Bow for a while) helps a lot. Exec's Calling is highly situational and shouldn't be a "standard" item.

The AP version is mostly fine, but Rod of Ages should never be your last item. Soulstealer really is situational, but that's a discussion more about soulstealer than Sion. Just make sure you don't get it if you aren't confident you are getting kills, and if you have less than four stacks (two kills) five or so minutes after buying it, sell the cursed thing and buy something useful. Rylai's is questionable on Sion, since it only helps much with his shield ability. If you just want to be tankier, build a Catalyst after Sheen and then make it a Rod of Ages ASAP or Banshee's Veil eventually. Definitely build Lich Bane eventually, but often it's right to leave it at Sheen until you get another item that gives AP. (With Sion you'll sometimes make the triggered bonus damage smaller, if you have any points in Enrage, by changing Sheen into Lich Bane.)

One of Sion's strengths is that he can be played so many ways. One of his weaknesses is being forced into a hybrid'ish build no matter what, or lack of focus in general. Tanks like Shen or Alistar have many abilities that specifically help with tanking, and appropriate ultimates (Sion has his passive, a weakish shield and a great stun, but his ultimate is pretty awful mid-game for a tank build and Enrage). DPS champs like Ashe, Twisted Fate, and Yi have more abilities that directly help with DPS and again stronger ultimates (Sion's just isn't that strong, even though it's best for DPS). AP Sion has two very strong abilities (stun + shield) but all of his other abilities are very weak for an AP character.

For you considering how to spend precious RP/IP, Sion can be nice just because if you get bored of playing him one way you can try another way. Pretty much every item in the game can be used effectively by Sion sometimes, something few champions can claim...