some questions about nidalee

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Hello,i started to play with nidalee and i am not sure what items i need and what masteries/runes. First a few basics...

Does the dmg of all cat skills scale with ability power or only human speer and heal?

What spells could be reduced by cdr?

Is a "tank" build viable?

I like to play nidalee if the enemys are not squishy or most of them have good escape skills,if they have not, i would play shaco.

How is the best way to play nidalee against mundo,tryn,heimer,warwick and so on? I like the way to harass as human and chase/fight as cat.

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The Promise



Pounce, Swipe, Primal Surge, Bushwack, and Javelin toss all scale with AP. Takedown scales with AD.

All of her spell CDs are reduced by CDR except Pounce. They nerfed it a little while back because a Nidalee with some CDR was very, very hard to catch for anyone.

No. Never try it.

Unless you want to play a Support (which is what an AP build gives you) build this way.

Gives you some AP so you can get some scaling on your abilities, but the focus is on damage with Auto-attacks and Takedown. Trust me. It works.