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Can Leblanc reflect Lux's laser beam with a mirror ?

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Yes, this is a lorewise question because mirrors are part of Leblancs theme and Light is part of Lux's theme and mirrors reflect light...

Yeah, no champion can reflect damage, although there's thornmail reflecting a portion of autoattacks..... No, Jax's counterstrike doesn't count.

Yes, a Wobbuffet Champion who counters AD and Mirror Coats AD, uses Safequard, Kills someone with destiny bond if he dies and having an innate called Shadow Tag where champions couldnt escape would totally be OP.

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If you mean lorewise, you mean out of the fields of justice? Then Leblanc could kill Lux with a single strand of her own hair because she's has memories starting from a 300 year old Noxian witch and Lux is only like 13 ..... that's if they ever fought out of the fields of justice...... how else would she use a mirror to reflect her laser when its not one of her abilties in the game ?

If Leblanc fought Lux without her 300 year old Emilia Leblanc equipment, then Lux the Mage Prodigy would melt her because she would be an ordinary weak person like Cass was before she turned into a snake.....

Jarvan IV : Luxanna, come over here.
Lux: Okay.
Jarvan IV : I got a secret.
Lux : What is it?

(A piece of hair falls out of Jarvan's head and hits Lux, Lux dies... Jarvan transforms into Leblanc)
Lb : Hahahaha, Fool !!