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When should I pick X champion over Y? Question for the better players!

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SeƱor Pancho:
blitz: you should pick him when your team lacks CC and initiation, or when you have an hypercarry that needs babysitting. CDR-Tanky blitz is excellent for that.

nasus: you should never pick him when the ennemy team has 3+ good slows (ashe, singed etc..) or when the ennemy team is made of bruisers.

katarina: you should NEVER pick her if the ennemy team has 2 of the following champs: blitz, alistar, fiddle, janna, cho

ryze: you should always play ryze in dominion

urgot: you should play urgot if you want to rape bottom without any lube, especially if your target is a short-range mage.

I dont know why someone downvoted you, this is pretty much what Im looking for in this thread, good post, thank you!

Akali: when you need to melt carries
Alistar: when you have ranged squish you need to protect
Blitz: when you have a bunch of people that stay together and wanna rape someone
Ez: need high dmg but the other team has no gap closers
Gragas: hes meh... id say if they have a bad harasser as bot lane
Irelia: tanky high dps, k
Katarina: they have little to no stun/knockup/silence
LeBlanc: imo shes not that good for dom, but when they have many squish
Kog: other team has lots of tanky or you have someone to keep people away from you
Nasus: good bot lane if you have someone that is squish and they harass alot
Nunu: if you need a great bottom pusher that doesnt need baby sitting
Ori: dont use her
Ryze: always good (dont need a reason)
Shaco: refer to ryze
Shen: not good imo
Singed: other champs do it better
Teemo: lots of auto attack champions
Urgot: soraka is bot? RAPE her with him
Veigar: limited cc and no magic dmg? Welcome to VEIGAR

The bolded ones are the ones I feel you are correct about (in terms of the type of response Im looking for), the rest I find just a bit confusing, incomplete or incorrect (from what Ive seen).

Thank you for trying anyway.

this guy has is about perfect exept of his nasus and shen info

SHEN: when the enemy team is mostly sustained damage or you have a good BD'er (only pick if you can get bot)

NASUS: when the enemy bot has one of its major strengths being speed and lacking a really good harass

The Nasus one feels a bit confusing, you mean Speed like Attack Speed or MS or? And Im pretty sure Nasus can actually take strong harass, Ive seen Fetis Puncher own face bot against Yorick/Heimer/Ryze/etc. pretty much all the current strong bots.

And Shen, well, you should elaborate why do you pick him when "enemy team is mostly sustained damage or you have a good BD'er", and also I dont think sending Shen bot would be a good idea at all I mean, your ult will be useless (if you use it, the enemy bot will free cap your bot), and I dont think he could stand a chance against people like Heimer / Ryze bot, VB is just not strong enough to harass back or even sustain yourself against those (havent seen a Shen bot yet, but this is what I believe would happen).

Thanks anyway.

Thanks for the replies everyone keep em coming!

You can also post in the "inverse" format, like:

You should NOT pick [Champion] when your team already has [Whatever] and/or lacks [Whatever] and/or when the enemy team has [Whatever] and/or lacks [Whatever] and/or picks [Champion].

Edited main post with the information collected so far.

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Don't choose if their team has more than 2 tanky dps/tanks,
Never choose if there is a Poppy or Kassadin, trust me.

In dominion she actually requires skill to be effective. Keep it in mind that when first picking her up most champions will feel untenable and she'll seem really bad.