Refresh "Unexpected Error"

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I logged into the game, hit the practice game button and when it pulled up the list for open games I hit the refresh button and this came up, I kept on hitting it and it'll inconsistently come up.

Originally Posted by Error
"An unexpected error occurred"

body = (null)
clientId = "F580E451-010A-EF73-B824-106D4D3DCAB7"
correlationId = "9B0B72C6-631F-1551-3322-072CD7D55B2B"
destination = "playerStatsService"
extendedData = (null)
faultCode = "Server.Processing"
faultDetail = (null)
faultString = "com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServic eException : null"
headers = (Object)#1
messageId = "F580E47A-820A-8CEB-D52E-F0DDC39E3B3B"
rootCause = (com.riotgames.platform.common.exception::Unexpect edServiceException)#2
message = (null)
rootCauseClassname = "com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServic eException"
stackTraceString = (null)
timestamp = 1254250733474
timeToLive = 0

There are no problems with joining games, frankly I don't even know if this means anything.

Edit: Attached dxdiag and put the full error message up.

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Having the same issue :P Whenever I join a game a small window pops up "Unexpected error", I just close it and nothing bad happens.

Also every time a new player joins the game, the same window pops up, I close it, nothing happens.