Katarina Ulti bug - not visual effect

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I sometimes come across weird bugs with Katarina, and one that often occurs has to do with her ultimate.

For absolutely no apparent reasons, the ultimate sometimes refresh right after it has been used - and no, neither I nor an ally killed an ennemy at that time.

That being said, I did not test if I could cast it when it occured (since most of the time I was just running for my dear life).

Another way more annoying bug is having her ultimate completely disabled. Let me explain:
-No ennemy nearby: "You cannot cast that right now" or whatever message pops on the bottom of the screen.
-Not learned yet: "You haven't learned the skill yet"
-Not refreshed yet: "Bla bla bla whatever message there is"
-Bug: No message pops out and it is as if the button was purely cosmetical. I tried pushing "r" hotkey, nothing happened. I tried clicking it manually, nothing happened.

On the bright side, that bug doesn't last for the rest of the game. For some obscure reasons, after a few seconds, it starts working again (usually after I respawn since I died a painful and shameful death, jumping in the battle and bashing my "r" key like a ****** to no avail while sadly getting raped).

Now I did check, it has nothing to do about getting silenced/stunned/knocked airborn/doing barrelrolls - it just happens. And it is not the graphic bug since I do not hear the ulti sound and I do not do any damage (usually my champ starts auto-attacking as if I did not give any order while I'm pressing 'r' again and again in a desperate, nail-crunching fashion).

I have no idea how to recreate this bug. Sometimes it happens three or four times during a single game. Sometimes it never happens. Sometimes it's the first ult I use - but it doesn't seem to be the case everytime.

If the following information can help (which I highly doubt):
Summoner Spells: Heal/Teleport
Glyphs: Full focus glyphs + dodge (yellow or green runes, whatever is the right color since I'm somewhat colorblind).

EDIT: And while I'm at it, it's not lag either. I have about 80 ms and it works just fine. Same for FPS, I've lowered the graphics and it doesn't lag.