mouse clicks go through shop overlay

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when in the shop, i sometimes like to move the window for the shop up a little bit closer to the top of the screen so i can see the map and whats going on. however, there was a time when i did this, and the "X" (close) button for the shop happened to land just on top of the "lock view on champion" button. so every time i closed the shop (until of course i realized this and moved it), it would lock the view. i have also noticed this a couple of other ways, i.e. closing the shop and it reopening because the close button was over the shop keeper.

in essence, the mouse clicks are going through the close button, and im assuming anything else on the shop window, and are also clicking on anything behind the window.

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On a similar note, the default spot for the scoreboard sucks.

It may just be me, because I play on a 46" screen at 1920x1080, but I ALWAYS have to move the scoreboard a bit, before I can see the whole thing. It's pretty annoying.