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Fix TT?

YES OMG YES DO IT. 5 83.33%
Who seriouly cares. 1 16.67%
Nope just bury it. 0 0%
Voters 6 .

Dear riot.

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Senior Member


TT is dead. There are not even any champion spotlights in it anymore. Its kinda the sad map no one even cares about. Could you do something to improve the game play in it. I take some issues with some of the things that work in TT, Like:
1) Towers are way to squishie and do little damage.
2) Minions need a little helping hand. They to do no damage.
3) Some items on that map... GRAH!
4) There is no 4 (Im trying to make my speech bigger)

I think you get my point ITS DEAD. Can we dig a hole and shove TT down it now ? or will you fix it ?

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Senior Member


I actually disagree with pretty much all of these points. But, this thread has been hijacked for my purpose!!!