practice game error

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when ever i enter a practice game type i get this error while refreshing the list

body = (null)
clientId = "F22FFABD-460D-C891-4EAB-7982A05F5240"
correlationId = "5AAA7C6F-41C6-4209-7320-05CFA55CAE97"
destination = "playerStatsService"
extendedData = (null)
faultCode = "Server.Processing"
faultDetail = (null)
faultString = "com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServic eException : null"
headers = (Object)#1
messageId = "F22FFB23-D00B-7109-6339-665C36872D57"
rootCause = (com.riotgames.platform.common.exception::Unexpect edServiceException)#2
message = (null)
rootCauseClassname = "com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServic eException"
stackTraceString = (null)
timestamp = 1254227945680
timeToLive = 0