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Wierd keyboard bug...

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Hi, i have tried searching th eforums for someone with the same issue.... I couldn't find anything so here it is :

When i play the game on fullscreen setting, whatever the resolution I try or whatever the graphic quality settings, my keyboard starts acting up. The keypresses i do will register for 5 seconds, then they will either act like they are being kept pressed down or they just don't register at all.

The mouse doesn't seem affected at all, except when these sticky keys happen. It will move and let me scroll the map by pointing in the edges of the screen but any mouse button press won't register.

If i press too many keys while this occurs, my PC speaker starts beeping and the graphics FPS locks for 5 or 6 seconds, and then the game will resume its course.

This almost feels like my CPU is being overloaded and just lags. But when i switch to windowed mode, no problems of the sort occur at all. Another fact to note is that if i dont use the keyboard at all in fullscreen mode, i get 35 FPS and smooth animation. My latency never exceeds 60ms. But as soon as i start pressing keys, it all happens again.

My rig is setup as such :
2.1 Ghz rated at 3.0 Ghz
2.0 Gb or RAM
ATI HD 3870, wiith the latest drivers
Directx 9.0c
My keyboard is a generic eMachines Keyboard with multimedia keys
Logitech generic optic mouse
Sound Blaster Live!
My screen is a 36 inch SONY Bravia set at a 1360x768 resolution, 60hz refresh rate
I use Windows XP sp3 (fully updated as of last week)

In the background the only utilities running are my usual AVG, ATI catalyst, Daemon Tools and the normal system tray icons that windows creates.

I have no idea what could possibly cause this, and I figured it had to be a bug withing the game.

For reference, the only game in witch this issue has occured to me is in Crysis with all the settings at top spec. But LoL doesn't even compare in terms of CPU/Memory usage. I run a lot of Next Gen games, and except for Crysis, i never had this issue before with any other game.

Hope someone else as had this problem, or has an idea, BC i would really like to play this game fullscreen without having to look at my taskbar.