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Unknown Error

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Had an unknown error pop up just now. I went to my profile, changed some masteries around, and then entered a solo queue for a normal game. When it popped up the choose a champion or finish what you are doing dialog box, the error box popped up as well.

The error:

body = (null)
clientId = "EC14786A-E70A-FC35-0840-B93C3C1B015D"
correlationId = "74D363C4-13B6-FECD-20B5-034ED2B43265"
destination = "playerStatsService"
extendedData = (null)
faultCode = "Server.Processing"
faultDetail = (null)
faultString = "com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServiceException : null"
headers = (Object)#1
messageId = "EC147A2E-900C-A245-37BF-A29E5C85D559"
rootCause = (com.riotgames.platform.common.exception::UnexpectedServiceException)#2
message = (null)
rootCauseClassname = "com.riotgames.platform.messaging.UnexpectedServiceException"
stackTraceString = (null)
timestamp = 1254185975696
timeToLive = 0

Hope this helps.