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[Platform] Spec mode, game is still in progress after ending

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priority: major

Tags: Spectator, client

Description: A game I was spectating and alt-tabbed out of ended and I was taken to the end game lobby. Started a new game but realized i was still in the game i was speccing (remember I had alt tabbed out) Tried leaving the spec game and was given the "game still in progress" screen on the client. At the time I was also in a custom game dominion lobby and was unable to select champ due to the "game still in progress screen."

1. Spec a game
2. Alt-tab out before it ends
3. Watch your client, when game ends it takes you to end game lobby
4. Notice how the game you alt-tabbed out of is still going on.
5. Go back in and choose to leave the game
6. You are now stuck on the "game still in progress" screen

(this may have to do with the fact that specs get a delay. So game ends for the players, but is still going on for another 2 minutes with the specs)