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[Game|Minor] Turrets Showing Different Buffs

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Priority: Minor

Label: Game

Description: While spectating a match, turrets show various levels of buffs. The outermost turrets show no buffs, but the second set of turrets shows two buffs of Magical Sight - one states that "This unit can see invisible units" and the other that "this tower can see invisible units". The third set of turrets and the nexus turrets only have the Magical Sight buff which states that "this tower can see invisible units".

Repro steps:
1. Spectate a game on Summoners Rift.
2. Click on a turret.
3. I expected to see the same Magical Sight buff on each set of towers, but the outermost had no buffs and the second line of turrets had two instances of Magical Sight with slightly different wording.
4. This occurs 100% of the time when spectating a match on Summoners Rift.