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[Game] HUD Scaling Broken After Resolution Change

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Title: [Game] HUD Scaling Broken After Resolution Change

Priority: Minor

Label: Game, Spectator

Description: My spectator HUD is stuck at a a low scale and changing the HUD scaling makes no difference. The chat's scaling works fine. This might be specific to my setup of 3 24 inch monitors in portrait mode using Eyefinity. Once it bugged any additional resolution change didn't change the scaling. I am guessing this has something to do with the middle resolution being taller than it is wide. On a side note, thank you for fully supporting different aspect ratios for spectator mode!

Repro Steps:
1. Make a game at a default (high) resolution. (I had 3600x1920, Eyefinity FTW )
2. Lower game's resolution drastically. (I used 1024x1280)
3. Reset resolution to higher than original. (I used bezel corrected 3760x1920)

I'm not sure if the resolution must be set higher than original or not. There aren't many spectator games to quickly join.